Women Love Erotica – They Always Have and Always Will

Women Love Erotica – They Always Have and Always Will

Why do I prefer erotica to porn? Well, I don’t know, could it be that the images presented of a greasy, cheesy-looking guy and some dumb chick acting as if she has no idea what sex is, and decides that she suddenly enjoys it after she’s been magic dicked, isn’t any woman’s idea of a turn on?

Well duh! Porn, more often than not, fails to miss the spot, not just for me, but for many women as well. Don’t believe me? Ask any female if she’d rather read erotica than watch porn. It is just too unrealistic, and let’s admit, kind of gross. So let’s talk about this! Why is it that women always have, and always will love erotica?

Well for starters, it goes back to the point just made. The ridiculous storylines, the unrealistic locations, the awful facial expressions and let’s not forget, the ultimate show of love by having jizz spewed on the woman’s face… ick; it can all end up being a bit too much for the senses of a female. It just seems so objectifying and a bit violent. Women don’t just want the visuals that a porno offers, but we also want the emotions that come with it. How often can we find women in porn enjoy the joyful acts of sex? Not many I’m afraid.

Not many realize this, but women want to feel emotionally involved in what’s happening, and if everything is feeling rushed and contrived, well, it’s not going to be the thing that gets us to cloud nine. Sex, lovemaking if you will, is so much more than having a guy built like a gorilla tirelessly humping you and constantly asking if you like the feel of his ‘big dick’.  And that’s just it! That is the disappointing world of porn in a nutshell. But, what about the forbidden literary world of erotica?

Well for starters, we can touch on the fact that there’s a wide genre of erotica to suit every woman’s desire. From sweet vanilla, the deliciously punishing world of BDSM, there is so much adventure just waiting to whisk us away to an intensely sensual world in a way that no porno can.

Erotica takes into account the hidden sexual needs of a female. As stated before, erotica, while a fantasy, is created in a more relatable, emotional and sensual light (this is where porn will always fall short). The women are more real. They have hopes, dreams, problems, and ambitions, just like us. They want to be wined and dined, to be seduced, just like us. To have our love interest boldly pledge their love and loyalty, just like us. To have someone who takes into account our sexual cravings, who will ensure that our desires come first as only a true man (or woman) would. Just. Like Us.

Erotica gives you a chance to create the scenario you’d prefer, and indulge in activities you certainly wouldn’t be caught dead doing in reality. Will there be a secret rendezvous at a gorgeous hotel in Paris? Will it be a scandalous one-night stand with a stranger on a train?

There are so many opportunities. And here’s the best part. You get the chance to pick exactly who and how hot your object of affection will be.

Could it be the gorgeously tall, buff and handsome Henry Cavil, or could it be the strong brooding guy with piercing blue eyes like James McAvoy (I swear to you, I think he just might be good with a whip)? Better yet, could it be that hot married boss of yours who you wouldn’t mind showing who’s really the boss in the bedroom? What? It is not wrong if it’s only fantasy, right?

Best of all. We don’t get to see the genitalia of others. Why do that when we can think of our own being wonderfully caressed and fondled with our ideal type of… well, package. In our fantasies, we get to be loved, cuddled and respected; we aren’t dosed with a jizz facial as some clueless men may think we want. 

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