Winter Wanderlust Valentine Vacation- Part ii

Oh. My. GAWD. Sasha’s kisses always made me so weak. I leaned into the kiss and we stayed in the embrace, exploring each other’s mouths with our lips and tongues. Sasha held me close, their hands on my face and my arms around their waist. I felt their right-hand slide to the back of my head, fingers working their way into my hair and the nape of my neck. They tightly gripped a fistful of my hair and I leaned my hands against the door behind them to brace myself,  letting out a loud, groaning sign.  

“Ssssshhhh,” They whispered against my lips. “We don’t want  someone to come investigate.”  

I leaned in to kiss them again, eager for more, and their hand pulled my hair and drew my face upward, exposing my throat. With their left hand, they grabbed my hip, holding me steady. With their right hand, they kept a firm grasp on my hair, reminding me they were in charge of this moment. Sasha kissed along my jawline, from my lips to my ear, and whispered, “Don’t make a sound” before kissing down my neck and throat. I shuddered in their grasp and pressed my body against them.  

I felt Sasha’s left-hand slide away from my hip and between my legs. I moved my feet apart to make it easier for them to explore me.  “You’re warm,” they said, teasing me with their hand. I felt them reach into my pants, skin to skin. “You’re wet, too.” Sasha brought 

their fingers to my lips so I could taste myself on them. I sucked them clean and then with both hands they pushed my pants to the ground and slid to their knees in front of me.  

“You taste so good,” They said in a low, breathy voice. I leaned both hands on the door and pressed myself into Sasha’s eager, skillful mouth. I could feel their lips and tongue all over me, licking and sucking me as I gasped for air and tried to keep from making too much noise. I put one hand in their hair and felt them sit back on their heels. I watched as Sasha dug through an inner pocket of their denim jacket and pull out a small foil pouch. Spreading überlube on the fingers of their right hand they set the pouch to the side and pressed their face back into my sex, taking me into their mouth and letting me drip onto their tongue and they kissed and sucked.  

I closed my eyes and let my head fall back, groaning softly as I could feel my heartbeat low and deep where my orgasm was growing. I  felt their left hand grip my ass and their right-hand slide between my legs from the back, a fingertip gently pressing against my tight hole.  I moaned.  

“Do you like that, baby?” Sasha asked between teasing kisses,  pressing a little more firmly against me with their fingertip and then waiting.  

“Oh, yes, baby. Oh yes, yes yes,” I breathed. “Take me, Sasha. Take  me.” 

They sucked me hard and slid their finger inside me, just slightly,  and I felt my legs shake and the throbbing ache of pleasure between my legs grow almost too great to bear. The silky-smooth silicone feel of the überlube and the fullness of Sasha’s finger made me blush with pleasure and press my ass into their hand, begging them to push even deeper inside me. Soon one finger became two and Sasha fingered me slowly and deeply as they continued to bring me to the brink of orgasm – but never over the edge – with their tongue, teeth,  and lips. 

“I’m going to cum,” I panted, gripping their hair tightly and pressing  their face into my sex.  

Sasha kept that slow, delicious pace with their fingers. “Cum for me,  baby. Let me taste it all.” And with their mouth around me and their  fingers deep inside me I felt the pleasure burst from every cell in my body. I shuddered against them, exploding into their mouth and  letting out a quiet, deep moan. I collapsed onto my knees in front of  them. We held each other, and I kissed the salty wetness from their  perfect beautiful face.  

“I love the way I taste on you,” I told them. 

“Who needs dessert when they have you, babe?” Sasha smiled at  me, when we eventually stopped kissing and sat down to catch our  breath. I looked around the room we were in. It smelled of old books,  warm coffee, and sex. Sasha reached into the same pocket that held  the überlube and grabbed a clean handkerchief. They wiped their  hands and then wrapped the empty lube packet into the cloth square  before folding it back into their pocket. “I’m dying to cum all over  you,” they said, kissing me. “Let’s head back to my apartment and  finish what we started.”  

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