Wicked Sensual Care

Hi guys! I have new reviews in store for your sex life.

Seen in Penthouse, MensHealth and USA today, has amazing products for lubrication and toy care. Their products are really effective and inexpensive unlike other lube brands making them perfect for anyone who operates on a budget. Alongside that, everything sold by the brand is vegan, PETA certified and paraben-free. Since I have tried most of the products by Wicked, I would like to make a few recommendations: 

  • Toy love lubricant gel is one of the best things you could use to clean your sex toys with. 
  • Sweet peach flavored, water based lubricant ‘Aqua’ is one of my personal favorites. It has a very enjoyable taste!
  • Aqua sensitive, which is also a water-based lubricant, works extremely well if you have sensitive skin and are prone to allergies. 
  • Jelle is the perfect lube for anal sex. It makes it very smooth. 

I personally love their products because of how inexpensive and good they are at the same time and it’s a go-to sensual care kit to double your pleasure.

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