When two strangers met: A story

when two strangers met

She sat on the steps of the old farmhouse, her honey blonde hair falling down over her shoulders as she bent over the basket of flowers in front of her. Her forehead wrinkled in concentration as she carefully gathered up the small white heads of clover.

Breathing in the faint scent of sweetness as her hands lovingly crushed the flowers between her fingers. She loved this part of her life, the connection to the earth, collecting the mother’s medicine, helping people with her herbal mixtures. 

Sighing with satisfaction as the last one toppled into the bowl, ready to be boiled up later on. She raised her head, taking in the view over the valley. The green and gold fields rolled away into the distance. It was beautiful, breathtaking even.

She sighed as she shifted her position on the stoop. If only she wasn’t so isolated here. She had grown up in a city, the noise of traffic lulling her to sleep on the hot summer nights, when her mother left the windows open. Part of her missed the people, the variety, the noise even.

Still, she had offered to come here. Offered to look after her aging grandmother, and the old family farmhouse her mom had grown up in. She had come to a better understanding of her mother since she had come here. Her distaste for the business of city life. There was peace here in this place. 

The air was hot and sultry, the feel of an impending thunderstorm. She picked up the basket and headed inside. She better check the windows were closed and the shed doors locked. She set down the flowers and headed back out to make sure things were battened down, the wind and rain could be fierce here.

Grabbing a gas lantern from the shed on the way back, the darkness of the storm descended more quickly than she had expected. 

Turning to go inside, she noticed an old beaten up car turn into the driveway. Surprised, she waited by the door. They were not expecting any visitors. The car crawled up the gravel drive and squeaked and clanged to a halt in front of the porch. She waited, tense, her body tightening at the unexpectedness of it. Taking a deep breath she watched the car door open, and a tall man got out. 

Her breath exhaled sharply as he turned to face her with a rueful grin. 

“I’m sorry to barge in on you like this, but this was the only house I saw around here. Hi, I’m Chad.” He walked forward holding out his hand. “I saw the storm coming and figured I should seek shelter, and maybe some human company! It looks like a bad one.”

“Oh, um sure,” she answered shyly, “please come on in.”

As he drove up the driveway, taking in the surrounding beauty, the immense green rolling fields, the wild flowers, the trees, he noticed there was a woman standing at the end of the driveway. As he got closer he was taken aback with her beauty. She was the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.

Her blonde hair was the color of wheat. She was so poised and full of confidence. His heart skipped a beat as he exited his car and approached the woman. He thought that his actions thus far were so far from his normal behavior. He would never have approached a complete stranger to seek shelter. He is in a strange land and unsure of where the next hotel would be located. 

He approached her and extended his hand introducing himself, “I’m sorry to barge in on you like this, but this was the only house I saw around here. Hi, I’m Chad.” He walked forward holding out his hand. “I saw the storm coming and figured I should seek shelter, and maybe some human company! It looks like a bad one.”

She extended her hand and said “ My name is Jenny,  What brings you to this remote area? I have a room you can rent until the storm passes. We can discuss payment once you get your things settled. Please come on in.”  She answered shyly. He felt a surge of energy as they shook hands, it was exhilarating causing his heart rate to increase, breath to catch in his throat. He was amazed that this complete stranger would permit him shelter. It was so unlike the city life that he is accustomed to. 

He closely followed her into the house, noticing the gentle sway of her hips, the way she moved. It was intoxicating for him. She walked with a confidence and sexuality that is rarely observed. There was an underlying current of excitement building as he watched her hips sway. Since the passing of his late wife 5 years ago he rarely found anything exciting or exhilarating. He shook his head thinking “ Cmon on Chad. Get a hold of yourself, you’re a stranger. Respect her and be a gentleman.” 

The house was beautiful but in need of repairs, paint peeling, eaves needed repairs, shutters were hanging off in places. He doubted if they would make it through the storm. Hard times hit the area a couple of years previous, a major tornado nearly wiped out the local economy. Most locals were struggling to make ends meet. Hence the reason he was there, to buy up as many local farms as he could. He worked for a major corporation that was buying the farms to gain control of the agriculture industry,more specifically corn.

The house was almost empty of furnishing, just the basics. She led him to “his” room. It was simply decorated, a bed, dresser, and a painting of a beautiful sunset….what luck he thought. This looks like a gem of a find!!!! 

He began to take a few things out of his suitcase, a change of clothes, shaving kit. He really wanted to take a shower. It was a long day of travelling in the local area. He needed one more farm to make his bonus for the year, it would go a long way to paying off his condo in New York. He decided just to change his clothes for something a little more low key, jeans and a tee-shirt.

As he changed his shirt, he felt eyes staring at him. He turned around and found Jenny standing in the doorway, she was transfixed as she stared at his chiseled chest and abs. “My god, he’s stunning”, she thought. She shook her head and promptly said “ I’m sorry for catching you like this, I was wondering if you would like to join me for supper. I don’t have much but I am willing to share.”

He noticed the flush creep up from her collarbone, and he could feel his own body respond in kind. The almost forgotten feeling of blood rushing to his nether regions, almost startled him out of his usual cold demeanour. ‘Damn, this might be more tricky than I thought!’ He grabbed his shirt and attempted to put it back on hastily, “I’d love to have dinner with you,” his voice cracked. ‘Damn it all,’ he thought, ‘I haven’t fallen for a woman in years!’ 

Her eyes hadn’t left his body this whole time, she didn’t seem to notice she was staring. Her lips were curled into a faint smile, her eyes had lapsed into a kind of dreamy reverie. The faint blush had only accentuated her natural beauty, and he was beginning to notice an urgent desire to make her smile more.

She seemed to catch herself at that moment, and hastily added, “Oh, I am such a neglectful host! Of course you want to clean up first.” She was all business again, as she hurried back down the hall to get him a towel, calling back over her shoulder, “there is a bathroom down here, and enough hot water to drown a hog.” Laughing she returned with the towel, her eyes dancing with a glimmer of excitement. “Here,” she held the towel out, “take your time.” 

He took the towel, noticing it looked old and worn, but clean. ‘Like everything else in this God forsaken place,’ he thought. ‘How do you grow up in a washed up place like this and turn out so beautiful? Such a waste.’ He wondered, shaking his head to himself, as he grabbed his wash bag and headed down to the bathroom. He removed his shirt for the second time, and unbuckled his old jeans he had bought especially for this trip. He had wanted to blend in, seem like a local, not the big city hotshot he had to be back in New York. He realized he actually was starting to like the comfortable feel of the old denim against his skin, the button up shirt. Easy, natural. None of the bullshit people tried to pull in the city. 

“Here,” her voice interrupted his process again, and he jumped. ‘God, did she have to keep surprising him like that?’ “ I brought you some homemade soap. I make it with herbs from the garden. Thought you might like to try it…” she seemed to notice then that he was hiding his nakedness behind his jeans that he was holding tightly in front of himself. “Oh,” she giggled, almost wickedly, “I can see you have no hands free at the moment, so I’ll just leave it here on the sink.” She winked as she turned to go, and he could have sworn her hips did an extra wiggle, as she pulled the door closed. 

He let out his breath, that he hadn’t known he was holding, and noticed his cock was giving its opinion on the whole deal. ‘Shut up,’ he laughed, giving his member a gentle slap, ‘this is not your business. We are here because of a fluke, a necessary but annoying hold up in our big picture plan.’ His cock did not seem to be listening to his big picture plan at all, and he turned the tap on in the shower, trying to put the girl and her hips out of his mind. 

She heard the water running from the kitchen, and smiled. ‘God he was handsome,’ Her mind re played the scene of him standing there without his shirt, and her heart did a strange flop. Sighing, she turned to the counter and looked at what she had for dinner. It had been too long since she had been with anyone. Brett had ruined her desire for anyone else, and when he had run off with her best friend, a week before their wedding date, she had vowed to herself to never fall in love again. ‘But he wouldn’t be like that, he was only here for a night, she would most likely never see him again.’ Her mind raced at the thought, even as her heart clutched itself even more tightly closed. ‘Surely it couldn’t hurt to let herself enjoy someone for such a short time? No expectations?’ 

She found herself humming, as she sliced the cold turkey. She wished she had something more appetizing to eat. Looking around the kitchen she saw the basket of apples in the corner. Was there time to make a pie? She knew she could make pastry as well as her grandmother had.

As a little girl, her mother had shown her how to crumble the butter into the flour, mix in the cold water, it was one of the few things her mother had shown her. Impulsively, she grabbed the measuring cup and drew out two cups of flour. ‘What the hell, there was a storm coming, nothing else to do..might as well make an apple pie.’ Her mind and body calmed as her fingers worked the lard into the flour. There was something so meditative about it, she almost forgot she had a guest upstairs. Until she heard his step behind her, and the warmth of his body behind her, as he peered over her shoulder to see what she was doing. 

He stood in the doorway for a brief moment admiring Jenny, the way her hands worked the dough, the way her hips moved as she worked. It was hypnotic. Before he knew what he was doing he was standing behind her, observing the apple pie taking shape. Jenny turned around, somewhat startled by his presence. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you, watching you work reminded me of my deceased wife. Before I knew it I was standing behind you.” 

The energy that was between them was like an electrical storm…..lust rippled between them. Neither of them made a move, fear was holding them back, afraid of doing the wrong thing. Chad thought, “ I hope she doesn’t notice the physical effect she has on me.” His cock was straining to be released from his pants. 

Jenny’s eyes took all of him in, including his raging hard on. She smiled sheepishly and playfully said “ wow you like apple pie I guess” She blushed and continued “ I know this is a little forward but would you like me to help you out?” She moved closer to him, not waiting for a reply and gentle massaged his cock through his pants. 

“ I can’t believe she is doing this,” it feels amazing. He was totally in the moment, lost in the sparkle of her eyes. She undid his zipper and let his cock hang out. She took him in her hand and slowly started moving up and down his shaft. His hips started moving in rhythm with her strokes.

She dropped to her knees and took him in her mouth. Groaning and thrusting he felt himself building to a climax. She kept going faster and faster, taking all of him in her mouth. Using her hands she massaged his balls while sucking him. Her tongue flicked the head of his cock making it “twitch”. He was getting very close to exploding. 

Jenny stopped sucking on him, but continued to stroke him. He looked down and saw unbridled passion in her eyes. “ OMG her eyes are amazing, beautiful”, he thought.

She grinned and took all of him in her mouth, gagging ever so slightly. She began moving her head faster and faster, he began to shake from the pleasure that was coursing through his body. He was at a point of no return, no stopping. He grabbed her head and continued to thrust, he exploded in her mouth. She doesn’t stop and takes every drop of him. He almost collapses and is weak in the legs. It has been a long time since he’s felt pleasure like that.

Jenny stands up and wipes her mouth and grins at him. “Sorry, I hope you didn’t mind, I am not sure what came over me”. He then remembered he was standing pretty much naked in front of her, his blush was almost enough to light up the room. Finally his breathing was slowed enough that he could speak. “Thank you Jenny” was all he could muster. She noticed there were tears in his eyes. “ Did I do something to hurt you?” She asked. “No, its been so long since my wife passed that I forgot how much I miss sex. I am not sure why I held myself out, maybe it was grief, maybe it was dealing with her passing, not wanting to forget her. Thank you helping me move past that obstacle.” 

Jenny thought to herself, “ what a great man, caring, sensitive, even in death he’s dedicated, not to forget well hung”. She went to the bathroom and cleaned up, the apple pie could wait. She couldn’t believe what she had just done. It was so far out of her character. Her problem was that now she was filled with desire. She was dripping wet, her body aching and wanted to be filled with him. She closed the bathroom door and decided to run a hot bath.

And she undressed she brushed her nipples sending wave after wave of pleasure coursing through her. She eased herself in the hot water, hoping that pent up feeling would disappear. As she started lathering herself up she couldn’t help but feel like her skin was alive. Every touch sent pleasure soaring through her. Her fingers found her clit and began to gently rub, her breath became faster. Her back arched and her fingers began to work in and out of her. She couldn’t resist to see how she tasted as she licked her wet fingers. Her fingers worked faster and faster. She heard herself moan very loudly, she was kind of embarrassed about it, but thought “ Fuck it”. As her orgasm ripped through her, she screamed and moaned for what seemed like an eternity.

Chad left the kitchen and was walking toward his room when he heard Jenny scream. Concerned he raced down the hall, thinking she had fallen or hurt herself in some way. Not realizing she had run a bath, he opened the bathroom door and was transfixed by what he saw. Jenny had her eyes closed and was busily masturbating. Instantly he was turned on by the sight of her in the deepest throes of passion. His cock sprung to life. Jenny opened her eyes and was surprised to see him in the door staring at her. “ Sorry, I heard you scream, thought you were hurt, didn’t mean to barge in on you like that”. “It’s all good, I can see you enjoyed what you saw”, she replied.

He mumbled something incoherently, and backed out of the bathroom, his hand over his cock, trying to hide it. This evening had not gone to plan at all. He walked down the hall to his room. Should he make a run for it? The storm hadn’t hit yet, although the sky had turned an ominous black colour. Shit, he should have just kept driving, outrun the damn thing. 

He looked at the bag on the bed, bent to pick it up slowly. Maybe he could just leave quietly, put a few dollars on the table, for her trouble. He had never been good at goodbyes. The tears clouded his vision, and before he knew it, he was sobbing on the bed. He didn’t even hear Jenny come in behind him. All of a sudden, he was aware that her warm, naked body was holding him.

Her hand stroked his head. He felt like a fool, but he was past caring now. He rolled over and put his arms around her as she held him. The months of loneliness and grief poured out of him, until her aliveness and touch penetrated the fog in his brain. He noticed the silky smoothness of the skin at the small of her back, the roundness of her buttocks. Finding the sensation returning to his hands, they began slowly exploring the curves of her body. He was still pressed against her warmth, but noticing the way her neck arched as her head rested on his shoulder. 

She sat up and looked at him, smiling gently. Her fingers traced the curve of his cheek, a loving caress that almost brought him to tears again. His eyes moved down to her breasts though and his breath caught in his throat. The perfect beauty of their whiteness, with small pink nipples, he reached tentatively to touch them. His eyes moved back to her face, as a small sigh of pleasure escaped her parted lips. It was too much, he caught her shoulders and rolled her over on her back, his cock playing its part wonderfully well.

She arched up to meet him, and he could wait no longer. Her body was aching for him, his cock felt the slippery wetness between her legs. Almost without trying he was inside her, she moaned and he lost every last trace of reason. Their bodies moved together as one, both lost in the absolute pleasure of the moment. 

His eyes were closed in ecstasy, when he felt her hips buck him off, she playfully but firmly rolled him over on his back. His eyes sought hers. She grinned wickedly, as she sat astride him. Her thumbs teasing his nipples. He hadn’t thought it was possible to feel any more longing, but seeing her looking down on him, feeling her hips moving on his, he was raised to new heights.

She reached down and took his slightly softer dick in her hands. Rolling it gently between her palms, she brought him to life again. Her fingernails raked lightly up his inner thighs and settled into position holding his balls. Then she slowly began a kneading motion up his shaft, that felt like heaven. 

“Where did you learn that?” His voice cracked with the effort of holding back his seed a little longer. She winked and moved his cock in a slow clockwise circle, keeping the kneading motion going the whole time. His breath was ragged as he fought to relax, to last a bit longer. She leaned forward and kissed him lingeringly on the lips. Her tongue teasing and licking. He reached up to her head and wound his hands in her hair. 

A loud crack of thunder broke the sound of their breathing. Her body seemed to come alive with the electricity. He sat up and buried his head in her boobs. Exploring every inch of her body, the dance of the rain on the window gave new life to his desire. She was gasping now too, he had found his second wind. The first lightning strike lit up the room, and the roll of thunder in the distance followed. Both he and Jenny were too wrapped up in the moment to notice anything except the increased energy in the air. 

He laid her back on the bed, and ran his tongue down her body, to the mound of soft hair. His hand slid up from under her buttocks and opened her lips. His tongue found the pearl of her clit, and she bucked under his touch. He held her strongly and circled his tongue around her, opening her folds, tasting her sweetness. She was making noises now, but the rain and thunder drowned out everything but her strongest cries. He hadn’t noticed how close the storm was until there was a crack right overhead, and the lights went out. She screamed involuntarily and clutched him, making his cock stand at attention. 

“Should we stop?” He whispered in her ear, hoping against hope she would say no. 

“Oh god,” she gasped, ‘don’t stop, I couldn’t stand it if you stopped,” 

“Mmm… he kissed her neck passionately, and plunged into her again, and again. Both of them building to the climax of sublime release. The lightning flared, and he felt himself coming. Her scream was lost in the long rumble of thunder, and when it was over, they lay in a tangled heap on the bed. The sound of the rain on the window, covering their gasps. 

After what seemed like an eternity, he gently removed her arm from his chest, and sat up. “We should get a lantern lit, and make sure everything is alright” he said. She moaned a little, and he helped her up, she still laid her head endearingly on his chest, as she gathered herself. He loved the way it felt, her soft curls cascading down his torso. 

If only I could stay here forever, he thought, right here in this moment.

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