Unprotected Sex Is Having Sex With All Past Partners!

Unprotected sex with new partners without testing can cause STI’s, STD’s or HIV. To be completely safe, get tested frequently even in monogamous relations.

When you have unprotected sex with someone you figuratively have sex with each of their previous sex partners.  Whether they show any signs of having a sexually transmitted infection or disease, you simply can’t know.

Unprotected Sex can cause more than a dozen STDs

There are more than a dozen different kinds of common STDs. They can infect different areas, can be spread in different ways, and some can be cured and others can only be treated.

Do you think you are STD/STI free because you have no symptoms?

Think again.

Do you think it’s okay to have sex without a condom because your partner doesn’t have any symptoms of an STD/STI?

Not so fast.

The truth is that very often STD/STIs don’t have symptoms!

There are two main types: some are transmitted through body fluids (Hepatitis B Hep C, syphilis Chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, Gonorrhea, nongonococcal urethritis (NGU), and cytomegalovirus (CMV)) and others through skin to skin contact (Herpes, syphilis, scabies, fungus (jock itch), lice, Molluscum Contagiosum & warts (HPV)).

No Single Test

There is no single test for all STDs.  Usually you just need a physical exam and to pee in a cup, but you might get swabbed and a blood draw also.

If you are sleeping with new partners, don’t be stupid…If you can’t go get tested together then use condoms for any intercourse, and don’t take semen in the mouth and make sure to keep it out of your eyes and nose (both highly receptive mucus membranes) at all costs. In other words no facials or tasting cum without having been tested first!

Even if you are exclusive and have been monogamous for years, if you haven’t both been tested then you really should go.  What if you have an infection that you don’t know about and that you haven’t passed to your partner yet. Better to know and protect them from getting it in the future!

Relax Into The Juiciness!

You’d want your partner(s) to do the same for you! If both of your results come back clean then you can relax into profound and juicy liquid-sharing deliciousness! There’s nothing better than committing to such delights in full disclosure. It puts all those worries and concerns to ease and let’s you focus on the pleasure and joy of the sex.

Original Source: https://consciouscock.com/unprotected-sex-sex-previous-partners/

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