Tracy Queen: A sex positive graphic novel

Tracy Queen, Volume 1 introduces readers to Tracy Queen, a complex, brilliant young woman with a past mired in organized crime. Entirely dependent upon the crime family that raised her, Tracy decides to strike out on her own when her new best friend-a talking raccoon-introduces her to the idea of independence. She discovers the joys of self-pleasure, then branches into adult web-camming. Soon, she’s making a tidy income online, and feeling more empowered than she ever thought possible…But it’s not long before the forces of repression and exploitation come to reclaim her.

And that’s just the beginning of this 7-part series in which the repressed mafia heiress will forge a new path as a love warrior, pick up a cyborg-clone army and ragtag band of LGBTQIA+ pals, discover her own queerness as well as her humanity, and discover new kinks…along with herself. All this while she barrels toward a climactic battle for her own freedom!

Join Team Tracy in Volume 1 with a stunning cover by stevieraedrawn, writing by award-winning sex-positive author Lynsey G., gorgeous illustrations by progressive multimedia artist Jayel Draco, lettering from Cardinal Rae, and guest art from a host of amazing indie artists!

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