Top 10 Men’s Sexual Fantasies for Him to Explore

Top 10 Men’s Sexual Fantasies for Him to Explore

What Do Men Desire When It Comes to Their Most Secret Sexual Fantasies?

While men’s sexual fantasies remains a unique aspect of our individuality and therefore can be vastly different from one person to the next, a brief tour of any of the thousands of sites on the “weird wild web” will give you a pretty fair idea of the sort of things that constitute the most common sexual fantasies among men.

The very preponderance of male-oriented porn sites, as well as videos, magazines and strip clubs available today offers the first clue about the inner workings of the hetero male sexual psyche.

Sex workers including escorts, can also share some insight into what many men want when it comes to sexual fantasies. Without question, the most common male sexual preoccupation, regardless of actual content, would fall under the heading of ‘variety’.

According to, these various fantasies fall under the categories of multiple partner sex and non-monogamy, novelty and adventure, taboo and forbidden fantasy, power and control, as well as romantic encounters.

Here are the top 10 Men’s Sexual Fantasies according to our research.

  1. Manage a Trios

Double the pleasure, double the fun, having two lovers at the same time is always better than one!

The Manage a Trios, also known as a threesome—usually between a man and two women, especially involving lesbian sex, and both women making love to each other and to him—has always been a top fantasy for many men.

Men are fascinated by the idea of having more than one woman at a time.

Maybe it is the idea of two women competing over him makes him feel more desirable, or perhaps it is just the sheer visual pleasure of watching two women being sexual together, a 3some is always a big turn on.

Whatever the reason, threesomes fall under the umbrella of consensual non-monogamy (or open relationships), which is very popular with millennials and includes polyamory, the swinging lifestyle, 3-somes, 4-somes, orgies, as well as hot wife and cuckolding fantasies.

2. Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Fellatio

For many men, having their penis sucked by a willing and eager participant is the ultimate fantasy (rated #2 as the top fantasy by 88% of men in one study[i]).  Men often fixate on body parts when having fantasies, and seeing their cock, or someone else’s in someone’s sexy mouth is always sure to please. So, if you want to fulfill one of most guy’s top fantasies, give him lip service. And, hey, semen has lots of nutritional value as well, and is good for you, so why not!

  1.  Getting Caught

Being caught having sex is a big fantasy for many people, not only men.  There is something about the forbidden-ess of having sex when someone can just walk in on you that is uber-sexy.

That’s why having sex outside is such a thrill, or in a public place like an elevator, bathroom or church (yes, maybe!). But, actually getting caught, especially by the police is not is fun, so be careful where you attempt to explore this sexy fantasy.

  1. Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Prostitution

This is similar to the bad girl sex scenario that women fantasize about. Prostitutes (in fantasy-land) are bad girls who will do anything that a guy wants and they also are skilled at it.  Plus, there is the idea that by paying for it, you can fulfill any fantasy you want.

While this may not be totally true in reality, paying for an escort can help a man fulfill many of his wildest fantasies, that his wife or lover may be unwilling to perform. If you are curious about exploring a fantasy with an escort, try London Escort Reviews.

  1. Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Hotwifing

Hotwifing is a term that refers to a married woman who openly has sex with other guys, with her husband’s permission, to fulfill the couple’s shared fantasy. While it might seem strange, often a hot wife scenario is the man’s idea to begin with, and he then encourages his wife to partake.

While most men would be jealous seeing their wife with another man, for many men, this is actually a turn on. Why? Well first there is the voyeuristic thrill of watching other people have sex. But there is also the idea that he “owns” the sexy woman (like a trophy wife) that other men desire, building up his own ego and sexual status as a hot hubby.

  1.  Anal Sex

Anal sex has historically been a taboo area and many guys fantasize about sodomy as the anal intruder, or the one experiencing anal pleasure.  Many fantasies are based upon things that in regular society are forbidden, dirty, or bad.

At one time, anal sex was not only taboo, but also illegal (and still is in 13 states!), so just the idea of doing something naughty can be very hot. And, guys have that wonderful P-spot—the prostate gland—up their butt as well, which makes the pleasure of being on the receiving end of anal sex ultimately orgasmic.

7. Women in Authority

Women in authority include bitchy boss ladies, dominatrix’, teachers, nuns, doctors or nurses, mother figures, and wicked Queens. In male fantasies, being dominated by a woman made up more that 50% of male desires in one study. Whether it is just your lover taking control in the bedroom and being more sexually assertive, or a full-blown dominant/submissive scenario with a nasty dominatrix with whips and chains, the whole fascination behind this fantasy is ultimately about control.

Because, that’s what it is all about in when it comes down to it, the sense of giving up control or role reversal, where a man gets to become the passive one, lay back and let a woman sexually dominate him for a change.

  1. Men’s Sexual Fantasies: Cuckolding, similar to hotwifing, is when a husband is aroused by his wife having sex with another man. Unlike hotwifing, in “cucking”, the husband in this scenario, often feels inferior to the other male lover, and may even enjoy being humiliated, submissive, and even degraded during or after the cuckold experience. Why would a man enjoy this? Some men feel that they are inferior lovers, (have a small penis, or experience PE, or erectile dysfunction) and desire to have a younger, more virile male stud (or bull) take care of their wife’s sexual needs. Psychologically, cuckolding can be regarded as a fetish similar to masochism, where the husband eroticizes his fear of infidelity to escape the pain of his perceived inadequacy. The idea of having a cuckold relationship is almost always the husband’s fantasy and can become an obsession over time if not fulfilled.

9. Dominance and Submission

Dominance and submission fantasies are popular with men as well as women.  These types of role-playing fantasies include being bound and helpless, to being dominated, or having a willing submissive pander to your every whim. Again, these scenarios are about control or giving up control, which can be sexy as hell. Imagine having your own willing “sex slave” who will do anything you desire. Of course, willing (and consensual) is they key here.

  1.  Homosexual Encounters

Again, this fantasy is based on forbidden desires.  Society is often more accepting of same sex female encounters, whereas our irrational fear of homophobia makes sexual encounters between men sinful and dangerous.

Homosexual and bisexual fantasies are fairly popular among straight men according to one study.


According to Nancy Friday, author of many books about female sexual fantasies, many male and female sexual fantasies revolve around submission and dominance, or some surrender of control. 

Many sexual practices that are associated with paraphernalia (or deviant sex) are becoming widely recognized as different and diverse forms of sexual play, or kinky sex, rather than a form of psychological deviancy.  When practiced safety, sanely and between consensual adults, these acts are considered by most to be just another form of sexual expression.

The fact is, that all men (and women) have sexual fantasies. Many of these remain private and only are played out in the mind. However, many men indulge in their sexual fantasies with their partners, or during a sexual hookup, or even with an escort, or professional dominatrix.

Sexual fantasies are normal, and even healthy, and for the most part, as long as they are not “hurting” someone else (or yourself), are completely okay.

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