Tickle.Interview: Andrew Pari, Sexual Assault Awareness LLC

Join Tickle.Life in conversation with Andrew Pari, LCSW Director of Sexual Assault Awareness, LLC. 

He has been working with women and girls to provide psychotherapy treatment for sexual assault recovery for about 25 years.

He brings forward taboo topics and discusses them openly. He talks about how experiencing a positive reaction or orgasm during assault enhances anxiety, depression and shame. Many victims often develop a kink or fetish, relating to that experience. Pari is making efforts to bridge the gap between professionals and BDSM practitioners who have experiential knowledge. He also works with military sexual trauma and is working to create a sexual assault and recovery team. 

In these challenging times many women are locked in their homes with their assaulters, he recommends people to stay as connected to the world outside as possible. He encourages women to educate themselves about all forms of assault. He explains how mental assault can be even more harmful than physical assault.’

He believes in the impact of his work. He works with his clients through their trauma and helps them see some light. “ I get to be a part of the healing. The trust and safety they place in me, it’s invaluable to me. I focus on the positive and healing.”

Learn more about Andrew Pari, LCSW sexual assault recovery and his journey as the founder of Sexual Assault Awareness, LLC.

Connect with Andrew Pari

Website: https://saawareness.com/ / andrew@saawareness.com

Contact: (661) 874-7950

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