The Sex Devil In the Details: Ajé Summerly

“You’re just as disappointing as the last ones were,” he says and takes his knife and slides it across my throat killing me. The back of the knife, of course.

It all started when Ajé asked, “ How do you feel about consensual non-consent?” and a pervy creative gentleman replied, “I feel pretty good about it.” She had a fantasy to be abducted and savaged by her abductor. She played herself, just a tad bit more naive and churchy. “Call me a slut, call me whore, just don’t call me ma’am”. 

She met him at a bar, clad in a very destroyable outfit. The scene started with a knife against her back as he whispered, “If you make a fucking sound I’ll kill you right here”.  Ajé was wet instantly. Watch this video to hear her journey of encountering skewered fingers, live arachnids, URI monkeys, skulls and creepy dolls, but still feeling too safe and taken care of to be scared of her abductor and maintain character.

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