The reason why I love Erotic Jewelry

A recent survey found that one in five U.S. adults have at least one tattoo. Thirty percent of people with a tattoo say the ink makes them feel sexier. Think about it, a tattoo will definitely attract the attention of potential partners. It’s a sex appeal thing. There is something sexy, alluring and mystical about people with tattoos. I mean, what goes on in your mind when you see a lady with a beautiful tattoo on her boobs? It definitely adds to sex appeal, tattooed people arouse curiosity and excitement.

Same goes for different forms of body piercings, like nipple piercing, naval piercing or clitoris piercing. For example, a navel piercing can really add to the personality of a lady in a crop-top. We do everything to make ourselves look more attractive and desirable.

Just like going for a nice hair cut or getting your hair coloured makes us feel better and confident. I feel our body is a canvas, an art work and we can keep experimenting to add excitement in our lives. Wearing jewellery is another great form of self-expression. Jewellery was created and designed for the human body, it presents a fascinating and ongoing matrix of choices and decisions that wearers knowingly use to generate responses. Because a wearer makes these distinct choices, consciously or unconsciously, each time she places something on her body.

Conventional jewellery makes us feel special, imagine what erotic jewellery could do for us! It can simply turn your life into a saga of excitement and fun! These are objects of pleasure and well-being. Jewellery and objects have the power to heal and connect. You can rebuild connection with your partner by simply putting a nice nipple or clit piece or by wearing a sexy choker!

First and foremost, I believe we all have the ability to feel empowered, loveable and connected, simply by being and breathing. By getting grounded within ourselves and recognizing how we are connected to all things through our essence and spirit is enough. No material object can replace inner peace, real love, and connection. But I do believe physical objects have the power to transform us and remind us of this inner contentment, loved ones and experiences.

Erotic jewellery can be a great gift to give or receive from your partner. After all, the optimal position to view jewellery is on another person’s body. A gift received reminds us of the giver.  When we have a special piece of jewellery given to us by someone we love, every time we wear it, or even see it among our things, we think of that person. All the love and closeness between the two of us floods back. A little something to give us a confidence lift can help us reconnect to our inner badass. When we feel good and more confident, we channel that out to everyone around us, making everyone’s day better.

However, sexual expression is not new, with genital piercings, designed to stimulate as well as to decorate, being described as early as 300 BC in The Kama Sutra. It is easier and less painful to express your sexuality in this day and age with a wide range of erotic jewellery, available for both men and women. A recent increase in popularity and social acceptance has resulted in the fusion between function and fashion through erotic jewellery. Now in just one click and you can live your fantasies.

Adding the right bling of erotic jewelry can make us feel sexy and beautiful. After all, those will always fit, even if our bodies change! Erotic Jewelry has the ability to bridge the gap between two people. Wearing it provides the moment, the object and the location for the activation of jewelry’s meaning.

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash

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