The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships

Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships Podcast Series is hosted by James Wadley. His journey began when he established The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships by University of Nebraska Press, an interdisciplinary journey exploring racial identity, gender,  intersectionality and sexuality.

He believes strongly in the unity and strength of the black community, He said, “There is an African maxim that contends “I am because we are.”  While self-reliance is essential, it is significantly important for people of colour to be able to rely on each other as well as our allies. Learning, sharing, and growing together has allowed people of colour to contribute to the field of sexology in a myriad of ways that have not always been recognized across the greater landscape. I think it is important for black and brown communities to be intentional about supporting one another so all of us can be successful.  If all of us are successful, then our communities will be successful.” 

The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships is especially relevant since the social justice movement. There is support and discourse around how people of colour are treated in our society. In this podcast, he brings on sexperts and contributors in the field of Black Sexuality to share their journey, research and ideas with the audience. Find the answers you’re looking for, information that will expand your horizons and so much more in conversation with James Wadley. 


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