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Recently I had the experience, once again, of the amazing wisdom of my body. I had booked a Myofascial release session and my therapist asked me “So what are you noticing about your body today?”

I realized that what I had been noticing was a stiffness when I tried to twist or turn my torso. This, in itself was interesting because it was a slightly different emphasis than my usual physical discomforts. We decided to explore this twisting motion and see what came up.

I sat on the table, my back to my therapist, while he told me to relax and he gently guided my body to twist to the right and the left. We both felt the ease of going to the right, and the resistance in turning to the left.

Good information.

One of the main principles of fascial work, is to often go in the direction of ease first. So, if there is a resistance to a movement, take the body another way first, go somewhere it wants to go. It’s kind of like going on a first date, and agreeing to meet and talk in a cafe or non-threatening place, before you decide if you want to tell this person something you actually desire to do.

So, I took my body on a first date, and we turned to the right first, allowing the fascia to ease into the idea of moving at all. The release was fairly straightforward, I moved a bit further and a bit further as my therapist held my torso to the right. I felt confident with the movement, and it felt like a good stretch.

So far so good.

Breathing out, I returned to center, and my mind started thinking about what was coming next.

A left turn.

Some unknown trepidation flooded my body, but, I am a courageous person, and I was not deterred. “Let’s do it” I said, “left turn, here I come”

Right away, as I moved to the left, I felt a strange sensation of falling or losing my balance. This in itself was odd, since I was firmly seated on the table, and my therapist was holding me by my shoulders. I took a deep breath and tried to relax into the turn.

Dizziness, an odd feeling of not being able to go this way, a fear, came up in my body. I stayed with it, and over a few minutes, was able to turn much further. However, the imprint of unknown fear, was still present.

On reflection, and in discussion with my therapist, we noticed that turning to the right was like doing something I was used to. Turning to the left, represented going somewhere I hadn’t been before, the unknown.

This made sense to me symbolically, as my life right now is all about going in new directions, and exploring the unknown possibilities. Maybe life is always a balance of turning both ways, both right and left. Sometimes we need the predictability and comfort of a routine, and frequently we need to challenge ourselves to try something new.

For now, I am gently exploring turning left. My body is leading me this way. I am both afraid and excited to see what happens.

Have you wondered ever, what your body might be trying to tell you? Some new area to explore, some fear you need to overcome, some desire you might want to pursue?

Having a wise and loving companion on this journey of exploration, can help you make connections between your physical body and your spirit. It is easier to navigate with a guide.

I offer myself as a guide and ally in your explorations. If you have an inkling, a wondering, a niggling feeling, that your body is trying to tell you something, book a free intro call with me, and let’s see if we are a fit to work together.

I will take 30 minutes with you and get clarity on what is showing up for you to explore, you and your body. This relationship with yourself is paramount to helping you cultivate the awareness to create true intimacy with a partner.

It all starts with you and your body…. let’s talk!

With love,


Photo by Rodolfo Sanches on Unsplash

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