The Body Leads the Way – An 8 Week Intensive Training For Women Recovering From Abuse

The course will be delivered 100% online, with live coaching calls on Zoom (one 2 hour call per week) , a combination of recorded teaching videos and live lessons ( on average 2 hours material per week), exercises and homework (it is recommended to spend at least one hour per day on coursework to achieve the best results) , email and facebook group support (response to your questions and concerns within 24 hours). This is an exclusive, individual and small group process, that offers a lot of personal attention and support for your unique journey.

By participating and committing to the hard work required in this course, many women have  achieved these or similar outcomes.

Course Timeline

Week 1

  • review and define emotional abuse
  • Tell yourself the truth of where you are
  • Set and intention for this 8 weeks
  • Recognize destructive patterns and  start creating tactics to avoid them
  • Begin to build trust in yourself

Week 2

  • tell your own story – understand and factor in past, present and future beliefs around family history, race class, cultural narratives, collective memory and myth
  • Understand the connection to your body and the way it communicates and holds emotions
  • Develop some somatic practices to help you relate to your body
  • Begin to map out new behaviours, which bring self-responsibility, ownership of feelings, motivations and actions as distinct from co-dependent responses, violence, shame and blame. 

Week 3

  • find a place of safety in the body and create a daily practice to cultivate familiarity with this as a new normal
  • Explore your relationship to trust and faith and grow towards having the ability to experience true intimacy
  • Understand how to take this self-awareness into any relationship and help create a healthy, balanced way of interacting

Week 4

  • acknowledge and eliminate pain and trauma from areas of the body that have been affected and are holding on to negative emotions and trauma 
  • Learn to ‘map out’ areas of the body, including genitals, overcome numbness,  and have the ability to feel the full range of sensations in all areas
  • Let go of limiting beliefs around disease, your pleasure and your body

Week 5

  • Discover what turns you on, and what turns you off
  • Understand sexual power and energy
  • Define your personal blueprint for pleasure, and how to work with this
  • Learn the words and language to be able to communicate who you are and what you like to other people

Week 6

  • discuss and understand what ‘boundaries’ are and how to define yours and other peoples
  • Practice somatic exercises that give you an experience of asking for what you want, or guiding someone to give you what you want as well as how to truly serve others and to take pleasure in life
  • Know when you are in ‘consent’ and when you have gone into ‘enduring’ mode and what to do about it so you can stay in a place of awareness and never feel resentful

Week 7

  • learn to let go 
  • Explore ‘forgiveness’ and how it works
  • Explore and define your authentic self

Week 8

  • revisit your intention for this 8 weeks, and create a new goal
  • Celebrate your wins!!
  • Finally see yourself as free, powerful, passionate, and with a purpose

If you are intersted in this offering, please book a breakthrough call to have a preliminary discussion with Ailsa.

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