Spanking 101- Impact Play for Beginners, Self Study

Spanking 101 was created so you can explore the world of Spanking, kinky sex and BDSM safely with confidence, so that it doesn’t have any negative impacts on your relationship.

How to explore light and beginners spanking safely. This recorded live workshop event will take you through How’s and Why’s of Spanking.

Have you ever desire your lover to spanking during sex?

Have you ever wanted to slap your lovers butt while having passionate sex?

Have you ever fantasies or been curious about spanking?

Then Spanking 101 self study course is for you!

Here is what you will learn in this course:

  • Why people want to spank?
  • Why people like to be spanked?
  • How spanking can be fun, playful ,sensual and even Orgasmic
  • How to Spank safely to do no harm to yourself or others
  • Only spank from Love
  • How spanking can help you build a deeper connection and create more intimacy in your relationship(s)

Course include 2 hours of video with a live demo and your Spanking cheat sheets

Cost is $57.00

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