Social Distancing Means Better Nudes

I’ve upped my game, and my FWB’s are reaping the benefits.

I enjoy taking photos of myself naked, in lingerie, or even during self-pleasure. It feels like a celebration of my sexuality. I don’t always share these photos right away. I typically hold onto them and send one to flirt with Hubby while he’s at work, or to an FWB in advance of a date to spice things up. Some I never share at all.

The photo I sent most recently was a live photo of me bent over my bed, legs spread, ass on display. The picture is a reasonably adept celebration of my assets.

I sent this photo to a couple of friends. I don’t always do that — I try to make my friends feel special by sending them unique images — but this one was just too good not to share.

I’ve been thinking about Emma Austin’s piece about dicks in action being more enticing than a still dick pic and decided to ask a friend for a video of how my photo affected him.

What I got in return was better than I could have imagined. The video was of my friend pleasuring himself. His hand wrapped around his erection with my photo directly in front. After a few moments, a stream of come spurted all over my curves on his screen.

Emma is right. Action-cock is where it’s at.

Emboldened by this little exchange, and excited about some new lighting equipment for my camera, I decided to do a little photoshoot for Ben, my newest FWB. I’m looking forward to lots of playtime with him once this social distancing comes to an end.

Ben is a single man who works in finance and has a couple of kids. He’s alone during this social distancing thing, and I feel for him. He’s good to me, and when I’m in a bit of a funk, he sends dirty memes to get me to smile. I reward him for the effort with dirty pics. Today I took some photos just for him.

Ben immediately rewarded me with a photo of jizz streaming from his delicious chocolate cock. I was impressed by the skill one would need to catch this particular shot and told him so.

I asked for a video of his reaction to another photo of my ass. This one is a point of view — as if the viewer is balls-deep inside me, which is a position of which he’s quite fond. Ben rewarded me with a video of his hand, stroking his erect cock to orgasm. I was, once again, delighted by action-cock.

The longer this social distancing goes on, the more time I have to play with my camera. Who knows what will happen next.

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