Tickle.Interview: Allena Gabosch, Sex Positive Now

One of the reason why Tickle.Life was developed was to answer a pertaining question, why don’t we give equal important to sex as we do to food and water”. 

I was super excited when I got an opportunity to interview Allena Gabosch  for her book Sex Positive Now. It was like meeting a kindred soul who with Jeremy Shub have created this fabulous book which is an anthology of 55 contributors from around the world.

If you are looking for options to educate yourself about sex and searching a way out for the right information & not fabricated ones, some reliable experimentation in your sex life then this can be your right choice! 

I personally believe this book is first of its kind to describe the term sex-positive via stories from across the world. The varied and inclusive voices are inspiring and spectacular.

In our short interview, Allena Gabosch talks about who she is and why this book makes so much sense. She has been an activist, educator, and coach for many years. I must tell you that before I knew her, I already knew of her. She is a known name in the sexual well being industry, Her work in the kink industry is inspiring and being called as ‘Kinky Sex Positive Mom of Seattle’ is a validation in itself.   

Presently, she is semi-retired, kinky, polyamorous relationship coach and author. 

One big reason for interviewing her was my curiousity that one of my favorite term which concisely explains our goal of creating a sexual wellbeing environment aka Sex Positivity and why was it being used in her book. She illiterates, that she believes in embracing sexuality and life. Her life’s statement is ‘To bring joy and to make a difference in the world.’ And she believes, she has brought the change in the sex-positive world! 

We talked about the book and why the book is named ‘Sex-positive now’ , The answer was clear if you get to read the book which I did, it highlights the importance of sex positivity in the present time, voiced out by different people from all over the world. Allena believes, “A lot of people think it’s just about sex. It’s not! It’s about different voices for the same. It’s like someone telling you that ‘You are not alone!’ in this journey of your life… This book is also for a beginner who is yet to explore this concept.” And I completely agree.

Sex,is positive and the need is positive and we have to accept that we do not need to know everything but we sure can start learning something, hence one of my favorite. Do read and order at

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