Rock Your Body, Yeah – Movement During Intercourse Leads to More Orgasms in Cis Women

amanda freise

Penetrative sex frequently involves a lot of movement, at least on the part of the penetrating partner. But can body movements by all parties help everyone to reach orgasm? 

In discussing arousal in people with clitorises, lots of focus is placed on the glans clitoris–the external “button” part of the clitoris–when it comes to stimulating arousal and orgasm. But there’s a lot more than just the glans; the interior body of the clitoris is involved in orgasm, too! Body movements, like rocking the pelvis back and forth, can squeeze and stretch the internal organs and muscles around in a way that stimulates the internal clitoris. However, there’s been very little research on how these movements actually relate to orgasm. 

A recent study published in The Journal of Sex Research investigated this question by surveying cis women who had had penis-in-vagina intercourse and asking about their movement tendencies.

Based on the responses of the women, the authors found that a rocking motion with the pelvis during penile-vaginal intercourse was positively correlated with more frequent orgasms, compared to keeping the body very still. This was true whether or not the clitoris was stimulated with additional rubbing.

Interestingly, women who reported that they needed to immobilize their bodies in order to orgasm were less likely to experience orgasm during intercourse. The authors suggested that this may result from a particular “routine” or preference during masturbation, and that penetration/intercourse could distract women from their routine.

Finally, the study confirmed that women who stimulate their external clitoris during intercourse tend to have more orgasms than those who only experienced penetration without added stimulation.

There’s no wrong way to orgasm, and this study suggests that mixing it up by adding body movement can create new routes for people with clitorises to orgasm, both with a partner and alone.

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