RESOURCE for No Cost HIV Testing and Treatment via TeleHealth Technology

Harmony Healthcare Orlando, Inc is a Florida based non-profit that is sex worker positive and has offered to assist sex workers across the United States in accessing HIV testing, treatment and prevention and HEP C testing and treatment to anyone, with or without insurance using TeleHealth technology. It’s simple and all done via any smart device and is 100% private and discreet and, most importantly, HIPAA compliant. After a on-demand virtual meeting with the clinician on a mobile device, their partner pharmacy will collect the information they need quickly and efficiently using the same technology and provide the medication free of charge to the client. They can provide the prescription in a traditional pharmacy bottle or in a discreet blister pack that will help clients remember to take the medication.

It’s Easy!

Outreach workers or individuals can download the SPRUCE APP to their smartphone, PC or Mac and register with Harmony Healthcare Orlando, Inc. It takes less than a minute and the app is free to users with the invite link sent to them from Harmony.  Individuals can also download the SRUCE APP to their mobile device without assistance from Outreach Workers.
When an outreach worker has a potential patient that has had a non reactive HIV test and they would like to protect their health by taking PreP, you simply logon and when the agent comes on the line, you give the device to the patient. The clinician will consult with the patient, collecting information regarding their medical history, and prescribe the necessary medication.
Harmony Healthcare Orlando, Inc will then collect a small amount of information and the patient can sign an online form using a quickly accessible DocuSign agreement sent to the Outreach worker or to the patient directly. Once received, the pharmacy will mail the medication to the outreach worker to deliver or to the patient directly.
If a patient has a reactive test and needs further testing, Harmony Healthcare Orlando, Inc will make arrangements for Lyft to take the patient to the closest LabCorp and then return them back to where they came from. The patient will need to abide by the current rules that Lyft is requiring any riders to follow while using their services. Most local patients will be able to get a prescription on the same day they have an appointment and patients who require medication to be mailed can have it Express mailed.
If there are concerns or challenges with this process, the patient can request to have Harmony Healthcare Orlando, Inc send them a text that will automatically link them to the SPRUCE APP and allow them to continue seeking treatment on their own device.
Harmony Healthcare can be contacted at (407) 777-2022

Photo by Adam Wilson on Unsplash

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