Re-Discovering Pleasure – For Women

This course is for you if:

  • You have blocked or covered up your pathways to pleasure.
  • You feel disconnected from your body and your sensuality.
  • You want to enjoy a loving relationship but feel unsure about the physical intimacy.
  • You want to up level your self awareness around your own pleasure.

A self-paced, online course in 6 modules.

Workshop Outline

  • Introduction & Overview
    • Welcome!
    • Pelvic Floor Breathing
  • Lesson 1
    • Making Space for Pleasure
    • Grief Release Exercise
    • Anger Release Exercise
    • Fear Release Exercise
  • Lesson 2
    • Anatomy Lesson
    • Setting up your space and prep for your exploration
  • Lesson 3
    • How sensory stimulation arouses our nervous system
    • Inner breathing meditation
  • Lesson 4
    • Reflections around your sexuality and habits
    • The A/B game
  • Lesson 5
    • Finding your voice and expression
    • The 3-minute game explanation
    • Art project: discover the voices that speak to you
    • A 1-page booklet on the 3 Minute Game
    • How To Play The 3-Minute Game
  • Lesson 6
    • Sufi breathing practice: The Winged Heart
    • Guidelines for Goal Setting & the Permission to Expand
    • Your Pleasure Journal
    • Write Your Own Erotica
  • Wrap Up
    • Further Study

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