Ray’s “Why I Talk About Sexuality”

Ray talks about how her curiosity for sex has grown over time and made her a sexually liberal writer.

The thing is: I am curious about sex.  

I gotta be honest and tell you more:  as the shy and introvert person that I used to be, talking about this topic was something really hard. I used to think that it’s something intimate that I should keep to myself in a small box of secrets. This began to change when I realised that I could be enjoying much more of my life – wich is something that I started to prioritize – by experiencing, discovering and sharing it with people.

So, I found some people talking about sex on a freely and openly way. How was their best sex experiences, what they still want to do, tips and a whole new world. That’s when I realized: why should I be worried about sharing it too? Talking about it? Or even studying it? It’s normal, physical, emotional and we have to talk more about it to understand it better. So I started to research, read and of course, practice what I began to learn. I’m glad I did it, thanks Ray from the past!

At this point,  I could see that I wasn’t alone and most of my friends had the same doubts, questions and used to feel the same way. By seeing me becoming more open about it they started to share their insecurities, desires and tips too. And that felt really good especially to me, ’cause it became an easier topic to talk about. I’m not saying that I’m an expert, but even the most basic things used to be great taboos to me. As a woman, I’ve gained more confidence, empowered myself and got more interested on the subject. 

I learned a lot more about myself and what I like, the importance of communication. I started to see and love my body in excitingly different ways. I could understand more what I like and dislike and now I allow myself to experience new things. I let myself be free.

Meanwhile, I got more educated about how important is to talk about sex, specially with younger people, to give them the right advices about crucial topics related such as ways to prevent HIV/STDs and unintended pregnancies. There’s a lot of bad information that rounds the internet that makes people confused about it and doesn’t help at all.

Well, in resume, I’m still on the road – discovering this new old world. While I do that I want to bring more people to this pleasant journey and that’s why I’m sharing this – to help and inspire you to let yourself be as sexually free as you can be. Come on in!

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