Oral Sex as A Stress Reliever

Oral Sex as A Stress Reliever

It comes as no surprise that feeling pleasure of many different kinds from reading your favourite book, enjoying a peaceful walk or getting a massage can relieve stress. But what about sex?

Sex can do all sorts of positive things for your life and your body, including a clearer complexion, reduce the risk of things like heart disease & cancer plus boost your mood, thus reducing stress.

So let’s talk about what that looks like. We all on this day seem to lead hugely busy lives with tons of stress, stress and business are like a status symbol almost. But it is important to find ways of reducing stress as it is not good for our bodies or minds. Oral sex is a fun and great way to do that for your partner or to have your partner do for you in times where you just need to melt away the stress of life. If you are the one giving, you are not without pleasure either. Compersion is the term for deriving pleasure from our partner’s pleasure. This includes giving your partner pleasure, watching them enjoy pleasure or melt because of what you are doing. This like will not only arouse you but will give your partner a sense of appreciation for you and increase the connection between you. Sex isn’t always about both people reaching an orgasm in order to enjoy the experience, and the same goes for oral sex. It still creates bonding between partners, some say it is the most intimate sexual act we can do. here are some specific benefits to sex:

*increases endorphins (the feel good hormone)

*When a person orgasms the hormone Prolactin is released which helps us feel relaxed and sleepy.

*When we get more sleep we often have a higher sex drive

*the after effects of an orgasm can last for up to 48 hours

*after sex glow is a real thing

*oral sex creates a different type of intimacy with your partner

*giving oral sex can give you a sense of power which is liberating and uplifting.

The list could go on as to why oral sex is a great stress reliever and an overall great thing to do with your partner but you get the idea, so the next time you reach for the cabinet to make a drink after a stressful day try oral sex instead. It is much better for your life, plus its healthy, free (if you have a partner) and you don’t even have to leave the house.

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