Open Letter: Sexual Well being Books: Yes, they do make a difference.

Open letter

Dear Readers,

Sexual well being books can leave remarkable influence on a readers’ life. Do you agree? Anyways this is what I believe in and I hope I do make sense.

No amount of talking about sex is going to diminish the mystery of the experience of it. Sex is Sacred, Not a Secret. 

Sexual health is that paradigm of life which leaves no stone unturned. It affects different dimensions of life. From screaming your own names, desires to knowing how good sexual health can build up your rapport. You see, knowledge is the key and books have the power. 

What can be more conundrum than sitting in comfort of your home, sipping a cup of coffee and unfolding mysteries, page by page. 

See your life change in front of you by inculcating small value tips and steps!           

Has sex been a source of stress lately?

If you feel ashamed of your anxiety about sex, you shouldn’t. You’re definitely not alone. 

Here is the inspiring story of Johana Carry:

Johana Carry is a psychologist and his husband is a bank manager who always used to remain busy in his work. Johana used to be a lot upset that his husband is not able to take out time for her. Because of misunderstandings, lack of chemistry, energy, interest, communication and some other factors their sex life was low and nil. Being an ardent reader, Johana was reading articles one day on sexuality and saw this advertisement of a book, not just any book but sexual well being book. She ordered that, and from the very first day she remained glued to it. 

While exploring each and every chapter, she was just awestruck on how she could have easily tried all these points in her real life. She implied all those mentioned points; turned them into action, started talking things out with her husband about her desires, comfort, ways to impress him, healthy communication and life seemed much easier than how much she used to remain tensed on her sexual life. Not just this, she got all her tests done, started taking extra care of her sexual health. 

So we learnt from her story that “Health is priority.” The joy of sex is easy but sometimes comes with a cost! Really good sex is about a deep, not just physical, but emotional, connection. So let’s learn together through easy reading and understanding. 

Sex: it’s all around us, but many of us still have questions. Why need a relationship coach if you can learn everything on your own and clear your doubts. 

Sexual well being books are best sex guides and also some of the groundbreaking books that broke taboos and paved the way to more open-minded sexual attitudes.

So this has been my open letter of why I consider books better than porn or even talking to friends about my sexuality. For me my books are my friends.

Until we meet again,



Photo by Armando Arauz on Unsplash

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