Only a sportsman doesn’t need a coach

Our culture takes the crucial matter of sex much too seriously. Which reminds me of the humorous (and richly paradoxical) quote from Oscar Wilde: “Life is much too important ever to be taken seriously.” So, too, I think it is with sex–obviously of the greatest significance, yet (whether “executed” solo or with a partner) great fun as well. 

As such, it’s both a welcome and necessary diversion from our everyday chores and obligations. “Anybody who believes that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach flunked geography.” 

Can you guess what Oprah, Serena Williams, Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Jackman, and Bill Gates all have in common? Aside from being some of the most successful names the world over, these celebrities have all worked with– and exalted– the services of a life coach.

Sangisel, my friend used to stay all day stressed, pinned to his room of four walls, staring at the ceiling. This pandemic has shown him true colors of some people to whom now he doesn’t want to face. Being a writer, he is lost in his world of thoughts that doesn’t resonate with his reality. He watches dance videos but never danced. He has seen a lot of cooking shows, but never cooked any recipe of his choice. Is this story relatable? His girlfriend left him recently. I suggested him an online tape of a sex coach, one day. Now you must be wondering how that helped? 

At any phase of your life, you can need some guidance to know where you are going wrong? 

How to spice up your life, not just with fun but with some morals. A coach will never turn his/her back to you in your worse time. 

And then boom!! – Sangisel got back his girlfriend, now writing two new books, living an organised life,  healthy sex life, keeps a record of his day to day activities in his journal. He is even thinking to start a new business with his new friend he met online. He sharpened his communication skills and opened up with a lot of community people. Just a tap record can bring so many changes! Small steps, small innovations and just a click away. Only through a mentor. 

Today’s culture shuns talk of mental illness. We feel indulgent talking about things like depression, anxiety, and self-care. But without the right tools to manage these treatable issues, they show up in our personal lives, in our our work lives, and can put a lot of strain on our relationships.

For that reason,  only a sportsman doesn’t need a coach. Amongst a variety of coaches, choose what stands best for you. Coaching has grown at lightning speed into a multi-billion-dollar industry over the past few years as thousands of people are hiring coaches for support in their personal and professional lives. 

Are you ready to hire a coach of your own? Here’s what you need to know:

Coaching is different from therapy because it is hyper-focused on who you are now and who future you can be.

Life coaching is more action centered. Coaches focus on getting their clients to make changes in order to achieve what they want in their personal and professional lives.

They see through the excuses that you make and they hold you accountable. They see how you limit yourself to only doing the bare minimum and they challenge you to do more. 

With the advent of porn, adults now have more access to sexual materials yet few examples on how to learn satisfying mutual pleasure techniques. If people knew how to clearly articulate their needs and feelings, maybe being a sex coach wouldn’t be needed.

For all you who are wondering – NO, you won’t have to take off your clothes in the session!

You are out of ideas. You remember when the sparks used to fly in the beginning! But you don’t feel the same way anymore. You find yourself in what looks like a routine transactional exchange. You feel an orgasm… but you don’t feel orgasmic?

You spend way too much intimate time with your phone instead on your own love life? 

– Hire a sex coach! 

There can be a lot of benefits to sex coaching, because it allows you to integrate and embody the changes your body needs to create longer lasting transformation within your sexuality, whereas standard talk therapy or counseling doesn’t necessarily facilitate the change to happen.

So what are you waiting for? 

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