Marijuana as an Aphrodisiac

Sure you thought stoners were lazy and hungry all the time. But did you know they have a great sex life? Read on for an introduction to marijuana aphrodisiacs.

marijuana aphrodisiacs

Taking you higher and higher

Weed and Sex. How can you “no” to either of these things? They are, essentially, the wheels that make me turn. That’s just me, but there it is!

It’s like a glass of wine, it relaxes and calms you, takes you to a better place every time. That’s the fun part: it’s different every single time.

You want to try new things, let all your desires run wild. Weed can honestly make you feel like you’re floating in a giant sundae. I do admit, I’m a bit buzzed while writing this, so I’m halfway there!

There are great weed aphrodisiacs these days. In the US, where marijuana has been legalized in many states, weed aphrodisiacs are beginning to take hold.

Sexxpot, for example, is a strain of weed that’s quite low in THC, meaning it heightens sensory awareness but doesn’t get the user too high. Developed by Karyn Wagner after discovering the effect it had on her sex life, it’s the first weed aphrodisiac specifically targeted at women.

Ladies…start your engines!

Sexxpot puts the body in a sensual headspace. It mellows you out. It makes sex better. 

Look, weed makes everything better – music, talking, watching TV, jokes and even brings out the creative side you never knew you had. Sex is no exception.

And to men I say, don’t worry about performance issues. You will pile-drive like you never have before, you will try positions you never knew the human body could twist into and the orgasms…whewwwwwwwww…

Need I say more? I think not. You have to try it to understand!

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