Interview with Jennifer Minor on, Love, Sex and Ageing

Jennifer Minor is a therapist working with sex-positivity. She lives in Austin, Texas. She is the founder of Sex Love Therapy, a platform to normalize and encourage sex-positivity

Does ageing mean that your body stops expecting sex or you should stop enjoying your body? Absolutely not! Jennifer is here to normalise ageing and sexuality for you. She believes that as people get older they are still sexual beings, deserving of please and their body is ready to receive pleasure. All you have to do is be flexible about your ageing body to enjoy it.

How can you do this? Ageing is inevitable, accept it. Creativity, curiosity and compassion can be the key to continue enjoying pleasure as you age. Learn how you can find new ways to engage with partners. What tools, toys and videos you can use to enjoy sex and give your body what it needs.

Society can be harsh to the sexuality of older people. Find out how you can get help to deal with negativity from society and peers through therapy. Transforming identity throughout life can be hard to deal with. Reinvest your energy into yourself, know its important to stand for what you want if societies’ opinion doesn’t jive with your feelings. Jennifer says, “We are sexual beings till the day we leave this earth.”

Don’t know how to negotiate and discuss physical intimacy with your partner? Mix match desire is really common with ageing and hormonal changes. Explore creative ways to enjoy each other. Have you tried to find a middle ground? Watch the video to get pro tips to deal with these situations. She says, “Let go of frequency. Have sustainable healthy experiences. Slow down to see what the new buttons are, engage differently.”

Watch this video to know more about dealing with ageing and sexuality to make it a positive experience. Learn about communication, health, acceptance and be curious to explore your new body and love it the way it wants!

Get in touch with Jennifer Minor, via Instagram, email, and her website.

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