Interview with Angel Russell, Director of Education, Tickle.Life

workshop for building relationship

Watch this informative interview with Angel Russell, Director of Education, Tickle.Life to find out more about our upcoming Beyond the Basics series.

Tickle.Life is taking Back to Basics to a whole new level. Back to Basics is a sex-ed show, where we break up myths and build up facts about sex. These short videos are full of fun and great information. But, you deserve even more that is why we have launched the Beyond the Basics workshop series. This sex-ed workshop series will help you to take the information you learn in these videos and use it to grow and enhance the intimacy in your relationship and the intimate relationship with yourself. Our first workshop is LIght My Fire, a workshop on passion, fire, desire, and sexual communication. You can join this one-of-a-kind workshop and find more details about it from here.

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