International Safe Abortion Day Campaign

International Safe Abortion Day which was first celebrated as a day of action for the decriminalization of abortion in Latin America and the Caribbean in 1990 on 28th September got its international recognition in 2011 when the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) declared 28 September as an international day. And ever since women and activists around the world observe this day as a protest for decriminalizing abortion and making safe abortion accessible as the ground reality is that there are several countries around the world where abortion is illegal.

However, this year’s 28 September saw major events, protests, and decisions around the world in support of the legalization of safe abortion services. Out of these events, some of them give us hope and some bring us misery. So we decided to create a list of the most influential activities which took place on this 28th September:

  1. Amnesty International released its updated institutional policy on abortion, in which it recognized access to safe abortion as an essential component of a fair and equal society, making safe abortion a universal right for whosoever wishes to go through it as early as possible or as late as necessary. Amnesty also called for full decriminalization of abortion and other laws which punish pregnant women/girls for obtaining a fair and safe abortion,  
  1. The WHO stated that “Sexual and reproductive health commodities and services are already limited in many settings and are becoming more difficult to access during COVID-19.” The World Health Organization also said that almost 121 million pregnancies every year around the world are unintended and there is a need to strengthen contraceptive services and access to comprehensive abortion care. And because access to safe abortion services is time-bound by gestational and out of legal limits, women or young girls seeking an abortion usually opt for unsafe abortion. 
  1. In Mexico, major clashes took place between protestors who were protesting for the legalization of abortion and the police. On 28th September hundreds of women marched through Mexico City led to clashes with the police who first blocked their way and used pepper spray on the protestors to dismiss the protest.
Source: Vice Media
  1. The Philippines Women’s rights group demanded urgent legalization of safe abortion. The catholic-majority country which sees abortion as a criminal act and the women or girls who undergo an abortion can face up to six years in prison. And because of the lack of availability of safe abortion practices in the country, women who decide to go for an abortion usually go for an unsafe abortion which leads to the death of several Filipino women and girls every year.
  1. A public action split in Croatia of “I don’t want others to decide about my body” was held in protest of the Croatian government which is unable to pass a law on right to abortion. The people on the streets demanded a safe and accessible abortion service which is followed by a full medical procedure. The move was aimed to target the reproductive health of the country and in support of women’s rights to their bodies and the decisions they make. 

 We at Tickle.Life is trying to create a safe space for raising your voice for the decriminalization of safe abortion practices, we invite people to share other resources you think are relevant, and we’ll add them to this list so that this list is updated every now and then.

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