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Chest dysphoria is extremely painful and understandably we want to find a surgeon as quickly as possible. However, it is important to take time to decide, so you can find the most suitable top surgery surgeon for your needs. In the following blog, I am going to share how I found my surgeon. These three tips will help you to begin your own research process.

Look for a Well-Established Top Surgery Surgeon

The most important thing is to look for a well-established surgeon with an excellent reputation. The surgeon should be experienced and skilled in transgender surgery. Top surgery is effectively a double mastectomy. However, a good surgeon will understand that for trans people, it is chest reconstruction.

Also, consider the hospital and the team the surgeon uses. For example, does the surgeon have a dedicated trans surgery unit? Are the staff sensitive to trans patient’s needs?

The best way to find a suitable surgeon is to ask for recommendations. Your gender clinic should be able to give you a list of the available surgeons. And, most surgeons will have websites containing links to their websites. However, by far the best way to get recommendations is by asking other trans people.

Most trans people are very happy to share their experiences and their results with each other. If you haven’t already, join some trans groups, online and in person. Then, you can begin to ask around and find people willing to share their pictures and experiences. You can find links to trans groups and surgery info on my resources page.

Consider the Logistics – The location of The Top Surgery Surgeon

When considering a surgeon, also consider the logistics. For example, where is the surgeon based? How will you get there and back? What costs will be involved in travelling?

It is important to factor in the practicalities and costs because you may have to travel a few times. Some surgeons, for instance, like you to attend a pre-op consultation before the procedure. Then, of course, is the procedure itself. Also, some surgeons like you to be nearby for a day or two, in case of any problems. And additionally, there is post-op care to think about. Perhaps you may have to return to get drains, sutures or dressing removed. These visits can add up financially and have to be thought through how you will travel to them.

If you do have a kind friend who is willing to drive for you, then things will be easier, and you could consider a surgeon further away from where you live. However, if you will be using public transport, you will need to make sure that the hospital has good transport links nearby.

Look for Results of People the Same Body Type as You

When you are doing your research and looking at result pictures, it’s a good idea to look at people who are your size. Some surgeons are more skilled at bigger chested people and therefore, by talking with people a similar size to you, you can find the best surgeon for your size.

By keeping in mind your body type when looking at pictures, you’ll get a better idea of how your chest might turn out. Looking at skinny people’s pictures, If, for example, you are a stocky person like me, will not give you a realistic view of your outcome.

So, when seeking out kind trans people to ask, choose people of similar chest size, body type, and skin tone. Then, you will have a better way to gauge how your surgery results might look if you were to go with that particular surgeon.

Nothing is guaranteed of course. However, seeing good results consistently from a surgeon, of people of similar size, will give you an idea of whether that surgeon is the best one for you.

Additional Information

I really hope this is helpful to you. If it is, I would love it if you could leave a comment and let me know! Also, if you have any other advice or suggestions, it would be very helpful to leave a comment to let other trans people know.

If you are preparing for surgery, I have a blog with a handy guide of what to take to the hospital. If you have already had your top surgery, then another helpful blog might be my tips on how to reduce scars post top surgery.

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  1. I agree that it would be a good idea to look into the results that people with a similar body type as you would have. I could see how there would be a good way to know how the results would look on you. I have a friend who is considering transgender surgery, so I’ll have to recommend that takes a look into that.

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