How to Bring Satisfaction in a Sexless Marriage?


As per a study, most married couples become intimate at least once every week. However, this average varies depending upon their age, life situations, and other such deciding factors. But, sometimes, due to reasons ranging from a lack of desire to marital problems, couples would stay away from having sex. 

Under such circumstances, the couple would enter into a sexless marriage, which can be disadvantageous and result in issues. When there is a lack of sex, it can cause incompatibility between the partners. Due to this, one of the partners might even rely upon others for attaining sexual satisfaction, which can be a concern. It becomes highly problematic when you and your partner have a monogamous relationship.

Therefore, the question that might concern you during such a situation could be how to bring satisfaction in a sexless marriage? 

Even though masturbation is a great way to gratify yourself, it is best to work with your partner to initiate romance and rekindle the relationship. 

Communicate with Your Partner

Sex can be an excellent way to build intimacy, connection, love, and bonding. Each person would have a different narrative for engaging in this physical act of making love. It will be best if you and your partner can communicate with each other why you both require physical intimacy. Through this, you can be on the same page and work your way through such hurdles with no hassle.

Here, communication doesn’t refer to just speaking. It involves bringing in verbal and emotional interactions that might be missing in your bond. When you can connect deeply, it can help you find ways to satisfy yourself and your partner in a sexless marriage. Here, you both can address the issue positively as well. By bringing in healthy communication, you can make your sex life better. Besides, if you both find it challenging to communicate, there is nothing wrong with seeking support from people you trust.

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Work Together to Improve Your Sex Life

Although you and your partner can put sex in the backseat and move ahead in life, it isn’t a healthy option. It’s crucial to build intimacy and connection in a marital relationship. Here, both of you should work together to improve the bond. Sex doesn’t have to deal with orgasms and penetrative sex. There is more to it in the form of cuddling, kissing, touching each other, oral sex, etc., 

By focusing on these aspects, both of you can work on building intimacy. The reason behind this is that sex is emotional as well. Therefore, it is essential to focus on emotional closeness while getting physically intimate. If you and your partner find it necessary, there is nothing wrong with attending couple therapy sessions.

Bring in Different Activities to Spice Things Up

When you notice that your sex life is becoming stagnant, it might be because you are indulging in monotonous acts without spicing things up. 

Therefore, instead of being stuck in routine and predictable ways of having sex, why not bring in a twist?

Here, sharing fantasies, acting them out, indulging in role plays, sending nudes, flirting with your partner, sexting can be great ways to kick start your sex life once again. By including them in your life, you and your partner can navigate through your intimate moments without being stuck. You can find out different role play ideas to try out from here.

As part of enhancing your sex life, don’t forget to include sex toys. There are different products that you can purchase online or offline. They range from dildos to anal plugs.

Be Honest with Your Partner as a Way to Gain Satisfaction in a Sexless Marriage

One of the most crucial parts of bringing in conversations about sex with your partner is being honest. When your marriage is sexless, there might be tendencies and temptations that may affect your relationship. 

As part of avoiding them and working your way through your relationship, it is essential to have open and honest discussions with your partner. When you hide something or lie about different things, it can complicate the bond you both share. Therefore, try to initiate honest conversations and actions. Through this, you and your partner can rekindle the intimate moments and work your way towards attaining a satisfying relationship.

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Don’t Forget to Add in Teasing and Foreplay

Foreplays can act as the perfect warmup you and your partner require to reintroduce sex in your marriage. With foreplay, it will be easier to relax and ease into the act of sex. Here, you can try new things to spice up your intimate moments with your partner. It can extend the experience and make it much more pleasurable. It is essential, especially for vulva owners, who produce a hormone known as oxytocin that initiates trust and connection in them. By introducing fun foreplays along with teasing that you can even take to the digital realm, you can work on rebuilding intimacy. It is one of the best ways to bring sex to a sexless marriage and satisfy the people involved in the relationship. 

Besides, foreplays can reduce stress and enhance libido in these intimate moments. For instance, you can include massage as a part of your foreplay sessions to light up the fire.

Take Baby Steps

Sometimes, you and your partner won’t have the time because of your busy schedule. Due to this, you both might decide to stay away from intimacy and focus on your work or career. Under such circumstances, it can impact your sex life and pave the way for a sexless marriage, which can be a concern in the long run. Therefore, it is best to find time for your partner to reignite the fire in your relationship. Here, ensure that you and your partner are not falling into a routine and try to spice things up by bringing in sex toys or trying out new positions. 

For initiating sex again into your life, it is best to take baby steps. For that matter, you can start by going on dates, kissing, stroking, touching, and then work your way up to sex. There is nothing wrong with going through the bases once again. Slowly, you and your partner can work on sexual frequency and enhance your sex life.

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