How Listening Can Super Charge Your Love Life

So many couples struggle because they fail to really hear each other. They put words into each other’s mouths and filter what the other is saying. The first step to solving that is learning how to really listen…and that starts with mirroring.

What Is Mirroring?

It’s simple. When your partner says something just say back to her “Let me see if I got this right…you just said…” and then repeat back to her what she said to you…as closely as possible but in your own words! If she confirms that yes, you heard her correctly, then you know!

Otherwise she’ll say, no that wasn’t what I said, and then she’ll clarify for you.  Repeat until you get it right and she tells you that you understood exactly what she meant.

Too many couples fail to really HEAR each other. Listening by MIRRORING can remove that problem from the relationship

Use mirroring to make sure you hear what your partner is actually saying. It respects her intelligence and her choice of words. You’d want her to do the same for you, wouldn’t you?

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