Sexuality Under Reconstruction

For too long, we’ve been apologising for our most basic sexual instincts. If you look at it from the outside, it seems very strange that we’re the only species on earth that suppresses its most basic instincts and has constructed a whole web of religious vows and superstitions to maintain this suppression.

Fortunately, however, in this new era, we find that the voices demanding sexual liberation are only growing louder. But while these voices may guide our external behaviour, allowing us to incorporate tinder and other elements of the hook-up culture, the inner web of beliefs is harder to alter. In order to do this, one’s mind must undergo reconstruction, to some extent.

Now I know this sounds like some Sci-Fi stuff, but all I mean when I say ‘re-construct’, is “RE-THINK”. We’ve grown up thinking about our sexuality, our bodies, and others’ bodies in a certain manner (generally in a restrictive manner). Therefore, to truly liberate ourselves, we must replace all the old ideas with new ones, by really reflecting on certain things we may be taking for granted otherwise.

Sexuality is an ever-dynamic construct, bending and swerving everytime we try to reduce it to words. The only way we can keep up is by questioning ourselves at every turn.

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