Men’s Health Awareness Month

In honor of Men’s Health Awareness Month, we bring to you a segment on Men’s Sexual and Mental Health. We have spent too long being ignorant towards the way in which patriarchy affects our men, from causing some of them to take on unnatural amounts of stress and excessive responsibility, to leading them to believe their masculinity hangs by a thread that could be broken by the slightest deviation from the norm. It should be no surprise in this kind of society to find that so many men are not able to cope with Feminism (Incels, for example), and that more men are depressed and suicidal in a world that is still largely ‘in their favor’.

Poor sexual health in men extends far beyond Erectile Dysfunction, it’s in every conversation where a man says he’s sorry he can’t satisfy his partner. It is usually a symptom of something far worse: Repression. The lives of most of our men – the good ones who aren’t actively abusing the power they’ve been given – is coded in by this very force of repression. And for this reason, men’s health awareness is about more than making women aware of men’s health – it’s about teaching men that THEY need to be AWARE. Not only of the power structure and the patriarchy, but also how these things affect their perception of their own selves.

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