Coronavirus: How to be safe and sexy during this pandemic

As we practice social distancing due to outbreak of COVID-19 we are continuously cautious of who we interact with. Due to the novelty of this virus, the body is not entirely sure of how to handle it. COVID-19 is not only impacting the economy, sports, and educational institutions, but it is also impacting our personal lives, and the question on the minds of many is: Can I have sex during Corona?

There is so much to know about how to continue to explore your sexuality amidst this COVID-19  outbreak. In this specially curated collection read articles to know the implications of Coronavirus for someone with sexually transmitted diseases, precautions while engaging in sex, creative ways to explore your sexuality and how to decide if it is safe to sexually engage with a partner. 

How to manage your emotions and desires?

In these times you may be paranoid about interacting intimately with anyone. It is important to not stress about it but make informed decision to ensure the safety of you and your partner. We have some great advice from sexual experts, therapists and psychologists to help you understand how you can engage with your sexuality during this pandemic. 

Our experts advise you to accept the emotions of loss and helplessness that you might be feeling. These enforced changes are scary, stressful, and involve sacrifice, even for introverts. Stress around how to engage with your partner during these times can create stress, reduced sexual activity and create issues. 

If you decide to engage with your partner, it is important to take the necessary measures. If you or your partner have been ill lately, then it would be wise to refrain from having sex for a little while.  Use barriers, be hygienic, clean your toys more often than you usually would and also be careful about who you engage in sexual activity with. Avoid anyone showing symptoms, ask your partner if they have fallen sick recently, also, it is safer to engage with long term partner because you know their medical condition. 

Read on to find out more and clear your doubts about sexual activity and exploration amidst Corona outbreak.

Resources on Corona Virus

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