Chapter 3: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money: Diary of a Call Girl

As we enter the elevator, I say to Violet:

“You really handled this magnificently. Wow! I hope I haven’t come across as too inept.”

“No, everything’s fine. I was only that courageous because you were with me! My God, more than twenty years ago, when I first came to Greece, something like this was merely a game that brought in easy money. You wouldn’t believe how crazy Greek men were about blondes and everyone had money to take one to bed. I was here on vacation with a friend and we were quite naughty girls. We did it wherever, in an olive orchard, at the beach, in the car. — We took more money home than we came with. The men we met paid for our drinks, food, and lodging – not one of them were stingy as long as they could flirt, kiss, touch us, or perhaps even have a little tumble.”

The elevator reaches the sixth floor. We get out and Violet whispers to me:

“Remember! No lesbian games, only safe sex. No anal for me, but if you want to accommodate him go right ahead, that’s your business.”

“I remember! And just so you know, I’m also not into anal sex.”

It has been quite a while since Violet serviced a client with another woman. She has been working alone for many years and prefers it that way, regardless of the fact that two women have it easier since the man wears out faster. We knock on door 617. Jack opens it wearing only underpants. A strong, muscular man stands in front of us.

“Come on in, ladies!” he says. We follow him into the room and I ask him to put on music.

“Whatever you like,” he replies. He flips through the TV channels until he finds a station playing slow, melodic music. Violet has slipped out of her dress and is wearing only a red lace bra with matching panties. Moving behind Jack, she places her hands on his shoulders and starts massaging them gently. The three of us stand in the only open space between the bed and bathroom with not a lot of room to spare. We can all see each other in the large wall mirror in front of us. I try to find the right rhythm to the 70s music that is playing and put on a little striptease. Once I am wearing only my black satin panties and matching high heels, I approach Jack and snuggle up to him. One of his hands immediately grabs one of my breasts while the other reaches into my panties. He angles his head to kiss me. Although kissing a customer is not one of my usual services, I let him have his way because his breath does not smell and because we caught him. Violet remains pressed up behind Jack, but is now massaging his back down to his buttocks and ending up between his thighs. The cock in his underpants is already rock hard. I stop kissing him and glide my tongue slowly down over his chest, stomach, hip, and then finally take his member deep into my mouth. Jack groans. I pull off his underpants and lick, alternating between his balls and cock.

“Oh my God!” he whispers. ”You’re driving me crazy!”

A few minutes later, I make eye contact with Violet and we silently communicate that it is time to steer Jack onto the bed. I remove my panties and say:

“Now it’s our turn to have some fun, darling, — lie down!”

As soon as he is on his back, we crawl up to him from opposite sides and work his pole with our tongues. He is so aroused he squirms around on the sheets. That is the way I like men. They lose their minds and only think with their little brain. A while later, I move away from his cock and position myself over his head so my pussy hovers over his face. Urgently, he pulls me down further and starts licking me. I hold onto the headboard for support and pretend I am really enjoying his wild licking. Nevertheless, I will not go ahead and fake an orgasm. I would rather wait and see if he even needs me to. Most people assume a whore always fakes orgasms, which is why I am stingy with such a performance. When I deceive a regular client I have known for some time into thinking I like sex with him, he feels incredibly flattered. That is the reason I try to avoid faking sexual climax. I keep my moans and movements to a minimum with Jack. I turn around and notice Violet has stopped licking his cock. Presently, she is unrolling a condom over it. She gives me a sign, we change places, and I slide my wet-licked pussy onto Jacks protected cock and say:

“Ah, yeah, that feels great, baby. God, you’re big. It feels so good!”

Violet kneels with her legs spread apart next to us within Jack’s reach. He does not know where to look or what to touch first. As I ride him, he grabs one of my boobs with one hand and with the other, grabs Violet’s breast. I am sure he would also love to fool around with her pussy. Oh well, it is his decision what to do with his two hands… Jack is horny and insatiable. He will not have a problem dishing out the agreed upon money. I am positive! I fuck him slowly and rhythmically. When he is about to explode, I get off his proud member and roll the used rubber off and replace it with a fresh one that is lying on the nightstand. I give Violet a sign and she removes Jack’s hands from her tits. She then mounts and rides him, moaning urgently straightaway. Silently, we agree it is time for him to finish. I assume the doggy-style position with my knees spread far apart so Jack can get a good look at my pussy as well as stick in his finger. He is absolutely randy and gives his best to handle both us girls. Violet fucks him faster and faster and then what must happen happens: He comes! Jack arches his back and moans aloud, his face contorted with pain. He grabs Violet’s hips and thrusts forcefully upward. With eyes closed, he finally slumps onto the sheets and breathes heavily, yet blissfully.

“Oh my, ladies, that was absolutely fabulous,” he whispers.

We lie down, sandwiching him between us and listen to his wheezing breath. Jack wraps his arms around us and gives each of us a kiss on the forehead. Although he is exhausted, he looks happy. That is what I absolutely love: in addition to making money, I also provide somebody with real happiness! Violet offers Jack a little massage before bedtime, but he declines and says:

“It’s time to throw you two out. Otherwise, I’m afraid I won’t get any sleep. And I have to get up early to catch my flight to Amsterdam.”

I get up and ask if I can use the bathroom. Jack nods. I slip into the shower, quickly wash, and then thoroughly rinse my mouth with antiseptic mouthwash. After wrapping myself in a bath towel, I return to the main room. Now it is Violet’s turn to disappear into the bathroom. I chat with Jack as I dress, who gets up and places two 100-euro bills on the desk. When Violet returns, he points to the money and says:

“This is for you two lovely ladies. Thank you, Anika and Violet! This was really an exciting experience for me. Can I have your phone numbers? I’m sure I’ll be returning to Athens and I’d certainly like a repeat performance.”

Since I am not established yet, I nod at Violet. She scribbles her cell phone number on a piece of paper with our names and a heart next to them. We thank him for his generosity and give him little pecks on the cheeks, wishing him a good night. Once we are out of the room, Violet’s face turns into an expression of satisfaction. I am also satisfied, quite satisfied! After all, I have just earned my first money in Athens. I am still amazed we caught a fish on our first evening out. Moreover, I am greatly pleased to have met such a delightful and amiable colleague. Exiting the Ammas Hotel, we step outside into the mild, warm evening air of Athens. We hug conspiratorially for a brief moment on the sidewalk out front before heading toward the town square in Glyfada. It is almost midnight and I have no idea if the buses still run to Piraeus at this time. Granted, I could spring for a taxi, but I am too stingy for that. Naturally, if there is no bus service, I must catch a cab. I pull a five-euro note out of my wallet and hand it to Violet, my share of Michalis’ tip. Violet thanks me and says:

“That’s the best way to do it, always go Dutch. To reciprocate constantly each time is plain stupid. This has nothing to do with friendship.”

We chat as we walk, re-examining the night and our successful fishing trip. Violet says:

“My God, tonight I feel 20 years younger! Like when I went on vacation to the Greek islands.”

I reply:

“I’m so happy I’ve met you. Thank you for everything, Violet!”

“Oh, think nothing of it. And don’t thank me! Worry about placing an ad in Athens World. Believe me, if you’re crafty, you can make lots of money here.”

We reach the town square in Glyfada and I inspect the bus stop schedule. I am in luck; I have not missed the last bus. We quickly hug and exchange kisses. I get in and watch Violet stroll away, swinging her little handbag. Tired, I lean my head against the back of the seat and enjoy the rocking ride back to Piraeus. 

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