Chapter 2: Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money

Sunshine, Sex & Easy Money: Diary of a Call Girl

The following afternoon, I lay out the clothes I want to wear for my evening out with Violet. I choose a short, figure-accentuating, black summer dress and matching black, high heels. In addition to the usual stuff I keep in my little handbag, I pack four condoms, a small vial of massage oil, and a second pair of panties. It should suffice for this evening. At 7 p.m., I leave for the bus station. It is mid-June and quite hot. I feel I am in great shape for my first fishing expedition!  

The bus stops directly at the town square in Glyfada. I get out and cross the street to a square adorned with tall pine trees, flowerbeds, and park benches in various spots. At the other side of the town square, directly in front of me, are fashion boutiques, cafés, a Greek electronic shop, and a large department store. Looking around, it does not take me long to find Violet. She is wearing a light red dress that, although it is longer than mine, accentuates her figure. For her age, she looks quite sexy with her long, blonde hair and matching red lipstick. Men who notice her turn around and stare at her. We greet each other with pecks on the cheeks and since it is still too early to go fishing, we stroll down Metaxa Street with its many fashion boutiques. Violet has already planned the evening for us and wants to take me to a prestigious hotel where she cast her net in the past. She says it is not only frequented by tourists but businessmen also. The hotel barman, Michalis, knows her profession and looks the other way because on previous occasions she always tipped him when she went with a hotel guest to his room. Since I do not know Glyfada or the hotels businessmen stay at, I unquestioningly place myself in Violet’s hands and agree to go later with her to the Ammas Hotel. I feel elated and free as we stroll down the street window-shopping and gabbing. Relishing that I have left the small town out in the countryside where I spent most of my life, I am convinced I can handle whatever occupational and private challenges this strange land might have in store for me. 

The Ammas Hotel is a good 500 meters away from the Glyfada town square. Around 9 p.m., we slowly head for the hotel while exchanging all kinds of information from our professional and private lives. Violet also left her home because she had been afraid of not being able to keep her work as a prostitute secret. Once she was far from home, she felt secure working as a call girl because her unfamiliarity of the place provided her with a certain distance to her social environment. 

As we enter the hotel foyer, I marvel at its luxurious furnishings. No hotel back home out in the country comes even close. Most are small, family operated businesses whose clientele mainly consists of relatives or friends of the farmers living in the surrounding area, not wealthy businessmen. And, I have never stayed in such a luxurious hotel during any of my previous vacations. — We take the elevator to the top floor of the Ammas Hotel and step out onto a rooftop terrace featuring a bar, tables and chairs, and a swimming pool. I am taken aback seeing a swimming pool built into the roof of the hotel! Violet laughs at me and my apparent naiveté at my age. We head for the bar where two middle-aged men sit enjoying their drinks watching a sports program on the TV set on one of the bar’s back shelves. Here and there, tables are occupied by couples and families. No singles. Michalis, the bartender, immediately recognizes Violet and greets her warmly. She introduces me as her German girlfriend and asks if the hotel is busy. Michalis confirms this and tells her they have businessmen as well as vacationers from America, South Africa, and England. Since the bar is L shaped and the two men are sitting along the long leg, we sit at the short one so they have a good view of us. Obviously, this is Violet’s idea. We each order a freshly squeezed orange juice and then Violet clues me in:

“I’ve chosen these seats not only so those two men notice us, but anyone who uses the facilities. See, the bathrooms are right around the corner!”

I admire Violet for her shrewd tactics. The two men have already looked at us with apparent interest. Violet and I converse quietly and giggle every now and then. I am quite curious how the evening will unfold. Are we going to approach the two men or do we wait for them to make a move? As Violet is experienced in fishing, I patiently wait instead of bugging her with needless questions. Besides, it is not the end of the world if we do not lure a catch into our net. For me, it is a great practice run. Violet and I are getting to know each other a bit better, which is fine with me for our first evening out. From time to time, Violet looks over at the men and gives whoever makes eye contact a lovely, charming smile. From the men’s perspective, they might think Violet is interested. It gives them hope. For conversation? A flirtation? Sex? In the places where I previously worked, it was perfectly clear what was what, but this current situation makes me insecure. However, I say to myself, this is merely a different playing field. This game might start differently, but it ends the same way — getting paid for sex. So, Ilona, stay calm and don’t panic! I might not sit here in sexy lingerie and openly advertise myself, but my chic little summer dress also makes me look sexy and flirtatious. Over an hour passes during which nothing happens. Michalis turns off the TV that captured the two gentlemen’s attention. The older of the two men gets up and as he passes us on his way to the bathroom, he greets us warmly in English, inclines his head, and smiles. Another guest steps onto the rooftop terrace and strolls up to the bar. He looks to be in his mid-fifties and is tall, muscular, with short dark hair, and a cleanly shaven face. He orders a drink from Michalis and starts up a conversation. That is when Michalis looks over at us and the new guest follows his gaze. As he smiles at us, Violet whispers to me:

“He could be a candidate. We could share him if it doesn’t work out with those other two.” She leans in even closer and whispers in my ear:

“If he goes for it, we’ll each ask for 100 euros, but we won’t give him lesbian hanky-panky. I’m not into that!”

“Fine with me.”

When the gray-haired man returns from the bathroom, he smiles at us again and quickly continues to his buddy where they end up in a deep conversation. Meanwhile, Violet has set her eyes on the new guest. Every now and then, I find the courage to look over at him and smile shyly. Just then, he picks up his drink and walks over to us.

“Hi! I’m Jack. May I join you?”

“Certainly,” I answer much too quickly.

Violet offers him her hand and says:

“I’m Violet and this is my friend Anika.”

Jack also shakes my hand and says:

“Pleased to meet you!”

Pulling a barstool closer at an equal distance between Violet and me, he sits down. Crossing my legs, my dress rides up and effectively exposes the lower half of one of my tanned thighs. My gesture is immediately rewarded with a smile.

“May I buy you ladies a drink?” asks Jack. He orders our requested vodkas that we mix into our orange juice.

“Here’s to you, my lovelies!” he says and we clink glasses. It seems we have a fish in our net! My instinct tells me this man does not merely want idle chitchat at the bar, he also wants sex. It is simply a question of whether he knows he will have to pay for it. I have no idea if Michalis implied something when he ordered his drink. Jack asks what we are doing in Athens and if we are on vacation.

“No, we live and work here,” replies Violet without hesitation.

Naturally, he now asks what we do for a living, but before I have a chance to voice something inappropriate, Violet beats me to it:

“Anika dances and I give massages!”

As she says this, she moves her hands in a slightly rotating way with the fingers spread and looks enticingly at Jack. Wow! That was quite obvious. I am stunned by her courage to be so up-front with a stranger without even blushing. Instead, Jack seems to be momentarily embarrassed and at a loss for words. Hesitantly, he replies:

“Oh, how interesting!”

Not surprising Violet does not leave it at that and breathes in a seductive voice:

“It’s our day off — but we’re always up for a little dancing or massaging.”

She starts moving to the music playing quietly from the rooftop speakers while still sitting on the barstool.

“Isn’t that right?” she asks me.

“Absolutely,” I reply while attempting a coquettish smile.

“Well, here’s to your evening off!” says Jack and raises his tumbler with whiskey again. I still cannot get over how casually Violet proposed a little dance and massage to him.

“So, what’re you doing in Athens?” I ask out of sheer embarrassment.

“I’m a traveling salesman. The company I work for manufactures nautical radar systems that I sell here in Greece. — But let’s not talk about my work, I came here to forget about work!”

“I’m sure we can help you with that,” replies Violet quickly, and once again, I’m amazed at her boldness. I cannot wait to see how Violet talks him into taking us up to his room for a little remuneration. I myself cannot think of anything, not to mention, I do not want to say something stupid and spoil everything. Violet nonchalantly steers the conversation to trivial things, from the summer in Athens to Athens’ Plaka, to the restaurants in the Plaka, to the prices they ask, and, finally, to the current ongoing crisis. During all of this, we order another round of drinks and maintain a laid-back atmosphere. Obviously, the vodka helps. It tastes great and relaxes me. My self-confidence is back. The fish is snared with no way to escape! Now it is a question of how much it will bring in. Violet nudges one of my knees to let me know it is time for a bathroom break. I grab my bag from the hook under the bar counter and we excuse ourselves. Once inside the bathroom, Violet touches up her lips and says:

“Now we have to find a way of getting into his room. — It’s best if we don’t waste any more time. I mean, we don’t want to get too drunk.”

“Sounds good. — But I leave the reeling in of the fish to you. I’m sure you’ve noticed I haven’t contributed much.”

“Yes I have, but it doesn’t matter. You’ll learn! Don’t worry about it, — let’s go.”

She nudges me slightly with her elbow while giggling like a little girl. I quickly inspect my eye makeup before we return to the bar. Jack is speaking with Michalis. As we sit back down on our barstools, Violet asks:

“Jack, darling, are you staying in this hotel?”

“Yes,” he replies, “I am. Why do you ask?”

“Maybe you’re in the mood for a little party, just the three of us?”

A brief pause. — Jack takes another sip of his whiskey.

“I sure am…” he says slowly while looking questioningly at Violet with raised eyebrows. Oh God, I am so glad Violet is in charge and I do not have to speak. I could never talk with a stranger about this subject in such a direct manner! Violet leans forward, softly places her right hand on Jack’s thigh, gives him an enchanting smile, and then whispers:

“That’s great, darling, now we only wish for you to be generous. What do you say?”

Jack places his hand on hers and briefly looks over at me and asks:

“How generous would I have to be?”

“As it’s our day off, we can be generous too. Say 200 euros for the both of us.”

I cannot believe her confidence, right to the point without a fuss! Jack scratches his head and makes a face, one I do not like, — but then his eyebrows shoot up again and he looks content:

“It’s a deal! I deserve a treat every now and then. I’ll order us another round and then we can go up to my room.”

“Great, darling, thank you!” replies Violet.

Instead of looking triumphant, she continues in her youthful, charming, and cheerful way and talks about Greek music. Before I know it, she has us engaged in lighthearted conversation again as if nothing happened. Now that the deal is sealed, I regain my confidence. The unfamiliar part, the part about fishing, is over. Now the party girl in me can come out and get to work. As I get ready to re-cross my legs, I purposefully spread my thighs slowly before lifting a leg over so Jack gets a good look. A little, up-front treat for him. Our drink order arrives and Michalis serves them without letting on that he is aware of Jack’s and our business. We clink glasses again and then Violet leans close to Jack and whispers in his ear:

“Tell us your room number. Then, finish your drink and say goodbye to us so the other guests think you’re leaving alone. We’ll leave five to ten minutes after you. — In the meantime, freshen up so we can spoil you properly.”

She winks at him.

“I’m in room 617,” replies Jack, “it’s on the sixth floor, next to the elevator.”

Visibly excited, he downs his drink and asks for the bill. Once he pays, he gets up, nods at us, and with one last look at my exposed thigh, he finally says goodbye. Violet glances at her watch and pays the bathroom another visit. We wait five minutes before paying for our orange juice and Michalis wishes us a nice evening. Violet hands him a ten-euro tip that he takes with a smile and a thankful nod. 

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