Buck Angel Guest on ‘Sex Tech Connect’

Adult industry attorney Maxine Lynn is tub-thumping the launch of “Sex Tech Connect,” a networking group for the sex tech and adult retail industries, and professionals involved with sexuality research, journalism and the arts. The group meets via teleconference on Sundays for “Virtual Brunch, Happy Hour or Late Night Drink.”

This weekend’s special guest is performer, activist and entrepreneur Buck Angel.

“The community of ‘Sex Tech Connect’ is a safe space for people of all genders and sexualities in adult industry to socialize, network and support one another as they make their way through this new world,” Lynn explained. “COVID-19 has separated us, but that doesn’t mean we have to be alone. Now, more than ever, it’s so important that we stay connected and develop partnerships for a strong future as an industry.”

Angel’s company, Buck Angel Entertainment, has been on “the cutting-edge of producing trans male sexual wellness products and films since 2002,” said Lynn. “As a trans man, Buck has been a loud and effective voice for transsexual and transgender issues, and it has not gone unnoticed.”

“Buck’s vast set of experiences in adult entertainment, sex tech, and his own struggles and breakthroughs in sexual fluidity, make him an ideal star to spotlight,” she enthused.

Buck Angel Guest on 'Sex Tech Connect' from Sssh.com Original Films on Vimeo.

Sunday’s program, running from 1 to 2 p.m. (EDT), will begin with a brief introductory session for each attendee, followed by a 10-minute presentation by Angel. The remainder of the hour will be taken up with discussion and dialogue between attendees.
“I’m super-excited to see this type of sex industry event happening. It’s a huge honor to participate in a new frontier of this industry,” said Angel. “COVID-19 is forcing us to re-look at what we can contribute to the world as sex industry people. We have always been on the cutting-edge of technology, and I believe this could start the future of ideas to help us create more sex-positivity.”

Lynn described “Sex Tech Connect” as “just the beginning.”

The first two sessions “already attracted people from top companies, start-ups and universities around the globe,” she said. “We are shaping a series of events that will unite the brave people of this industry to support one another in their endeavors to build sex-positive businesses, break stigmas and celebrate sex and sexuality.”

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