Book Review: HEART in Gear by Christopher J Hoffmann

HEART in Gear: An Engineer’s Erotic Journey to Freedom

We’ve just finished reading HEART in GEAR, An Engineer’s Erotic Journey to Freedom. We are stunned at how this book isn’t a best seller yet. I’ve been involved in human sexuality and wellness for years and this book is almost a textbook for how to help men walk out of their shutdown hearts and into a life where they respect women and respect themselves.

The most fascinating plot line of the book is author, Christopher Hoffmann’s, hero’s journey of building a single wheel electric motorcycle. He starts by raising millions in venture funding, finding himself in the depth of capitalistic excess only to walk away. He finds his heart isn’t served by the glamor, the parties and the massage parlors. He wants real connection and eventually finds it in the women who hand him back his heart.

The book can make one very emotional at times for its honesty, laughing out loud at it candor and in the end, inspired that there are still men like Christopher out there fighting on the front lines by modeling a better way of living the life men are called to live.

Christopher and his senior writer Dave Jarecki are pitching RYNO Man the TV show to Netflix and Amazon. Christopher is also mounting an off Broadway, one-man-show of the same name, with plans to tour the show mid-summer 2020.  

We highly recommend reading the book, We couldn’t put it down. It’s a great gift for any man, read the reviews on Amazon for yourself. It’s available in softcover, eBook, and Audible.

See Christopher’s gender activism web site here:

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