Behind Closed Doors

Hello Wild Loves!

I wanted to a bit of a person blog so you can get to know me! The me behind closed doors. I feel like with all the social distancing and isolation we are all looking for more ways to be connected to others. So let me tell you about me.

My name is Chantel, I am a full-time single mom to a spicy, sassy, loving, sensitive and full of life 8 year old daughter. She came into my life at a time when I was pretty craked and falling apart, but it was what I needed. She changed my world and continues to do so every single day. I am challeneged by her to be the best version of myself and it has shown me so many amazing parts of myself that I never knew I had, she showed me I could love and be loved. She is my daily inspiration to be a positive part of this world. When I share things with you, trust that I have thought about if I would want to say the same to her.

When I found out I was pregnant with my daughter, I was working at a vet clinic. I love animals and honestly thought I would always be working around them in some way. Funny how life changes! I don’t work with animals in my career but I do have them as a part of my daily life. I cannot imagine my life without them. The innocence and pure joy and love they give us really has always impacted me. I believe we don’t deserve animals as humans but thats a topic we wont dive into, mostly because I get SUPER intense about animal abuse AND child abuse.

I am an animal lover and generally speaking don’t eat meat, cheese is my weakness so I struggle to be vegan. I worked in the animal industry for 7 years and honestly never thought I would do anything besides work with animals. But honestly, I started losing faith in humans seeing they way they treated their animals. The abuse & neglect I saw working for animal services was heart breaking and became too much for me.

It will be no surprise that I am truly enjoying my time at home with my dog, looking over at her on her bed snoring after a walk as I write this, fills me with joy. I am taking some time to do some back to basics with leash walking with her and learning takes a lot out of you in case you didn’t know! haha. I truly believe we most humans don’t deserve animals. But thats an entirely different rabbit hole we do not need to go down right now lol. Remember the spicy daughter I talked about? Ya, she comes by it honestly lol. She is her mother’s daughter!

I was born to a teen mom (she just turned 16) and I’d be lying if I said that didnt shape the things I did with my life, for many years, everything I did was to be the opposit of my mother. I was scared to be a teen single mom so I was a virgin until I was almost 18. she never finished highschool, so I made sure I did. I went to college because it would make me different from her. Drugs and alcohol weren’t a thing for me because I grew up watcing her get high and drunk all the time. On and on and on until I became a mother and yup, I made sure to do it as opposite to her as possible, which to be honest was a good thing. My mother grew up in a very bad way and she continued the cycle with her children. Fear and abuse was her ammo!

I am happy to say one day, I realized when my daughter was about 3, that I needed to be the mother I wanted to be not the mother she wasn’t. To be my own person who was happy and healthy, for myself, not to prove I wasn’t her or to prove my family wrong. Talk about a game changer. It took me a couple years to really find my way but I faught for it, I never gave up and I am proud of the woman, mother, friend, parnter and human I am today.

I am as I am sure you know, insanely passionate about empowering others to be themselves, to love themselves so fully that no other human can knock them down, to take responsibility for their lives and live it their way. I work to remove shame around pleasure, sexuality and relationships for women in our world because I have experienced my fare share of control, restrictions, shame and belittlement from the men of the world. I never want any one to live in the pain I lived in from years of abuse and neglect. So It has become my life’s work to help other humans.

I am constantly taking courses to learn about these topics and human psychology in order to better understand trauma, patterns, beliefs and how to change them. Nothing makes me feel better than to see the people I work with changing before my eyes, having moments of realization and taking their lives back just like I did! I love my work!

I would love to hear about you, how you found me, my site, my social media pages and what resonates for you. Seriously, hit reply and tell me about yourself. What are you pasionate about?

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