Anti-Racism Resource Kit – Part 1

It’s time to unlearn and organise.

anti-racism resource kit

Welcome to the Anti-Racism Resource Kit, a compilation of various resources for us to unlearn and organise.

Part 1 is compiled by Domina Doll, of

Racism is not only what happened with George Floyd, but what people of colour have faced for centuries. As many protesters have cried out, Enough is Enough, and collective mourning and solidarity also includes how to address racism in America.

The following resources are fully credited, and mostly are from women of colour.

Click for Anti-Racism Resource Kit Part 2 and Part 3.


“I always knew that deep down in every human heart, there is mercy and generosity. No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love, for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite. Even in the grimmest times in prison, when my comrades and I were pushed to our limits, I would see a glimmer of humanity in one of the guards, perhaps for just a second, but it was enough to reassure me and keep me going. Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished.”
-Nelson Mandela, excerpt from A Long Walk to Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

“By embracing faith, instead of fear, we become an example of the love and strength needed to help change the world. Peace was never won with violence and faith has never been met with darkness. Let us become the deliverers of hope through our intention to make the world a better place, one moment and one action at a time. ”


In this time on the planet with so much to pray on personally and collectively, we invite you to contribute to our Prayer Wall.

This is a space to place what is present in your heart and bones. What keeps you awake at night in fear or joy. What dreams and visions tug at you fiercely.

This is our collective space.
Our Wailing Wall.
May the Stones receive your Words.
May your Prayers weave with the Prayers of others.
So Mote It Be.



Specifically for Women of Color:

Are you ready to work through the liberation process and step into the power, gifts and magic you posses without apology, this is for you!?
From Louiza Doran, JEDI, Social Innovator & Impact Strategist, Coach, Podcast host, Agent of Change, Educator

A Monthly Body-Based Liberation Experience for Multidimensional BIWOC Creators

Where I Help You Decolonize The Fuck Out Of How You Exist In Your Own Skin So You Can Show Up In Every Aspect Of Your Life, Message, And Art… Take A Stand For What You Believe Because You’re {Finally} Able To Feel Completely Safe Speaking Out On What Matters Most… And Reclaim And {Re}Wild The Sacred Sovereignty Required To Untame The Primordial Medicine Of Your Erotic, Melanated Soul.


For White Women:

Grab the replay of “Show Up & Serve” (a workshop for White coaches). What it means to be a Diverse, Equitable, Inclusive Entrepreneur and Leader. Steps you can take immediately to create more safe space, reduce harm, and understand what’s happening in the world today.

Live Into The Work With Myisha T Hill
Starts Jun 4, 2020 at 11:00 AM PDT
This workshop is an opportunity for white women to do more than show solidarity and do the work to learn techniques and help to better support our WOC partners.

Join Shawnrey Notto to “Unwind and Slow Grind: the power of embodying self-love and pleasure in times of crisis and peace” a FREE embodiment experience that will help you slow down, relax, and open to the wisdom of your body.


Anti racism Resources:

Nikka Karli- Erotic Muse, provocateur of the primal & the wilds, host of #therewildingexperience podcast, dismantling anti-blackness training
The Impact Of Anti-Blackness In The Bodies Of BIWOC & White Creators Who Know They’re Here For Change:

Dr Rocío Rosales Meza
Decolonizing the Mind, Liberating Your Spirit

Karine Bell
Embodied Trauma

Ibram X Kendi
How to be an Antiracist

Black Lives Matter

More from-


Get her ‘Me & White Supremacy Book’
Check out her Good Ancestor Podcast

Numerous Anti-racism resources on this site:
On: Addressing Whiteness, Racism + Spirituality / Wellness, Healing for WOC, Multi-Racial Identities, Health & Pandemics, Workshops & Education,


Leaderships Selfcare resources for ALL from Black Women Entrprenuers:


FREE GIFT: The Trauma Triangle & How to Break Free of Victim Consciousness – Maria walks you through understanding of the archetypes involved in trauma and how to move beyond them. –
Maria Christina Owl Gutierrez
Global Light Leader

FREE GIFT: Taking Control of Burnout, Aging, and Your Health: Learn holistic, science-based approaches to reverse low energy, low libido and chronic weight gain.
DR. Valencia Ray
Medical Doctor, Functional Medicine Practitioner

FREE GIFT: Courageous Confidence Online E-guide: Learn how to own your presence and power online and in-person.
Dorothy-Inez Del Tufo
Confidence Coach

FREE GIFT: ”Unwind and Slow Grind: the power of embodying self-love and pleasure in times of crisis and peace” a live-virtual embodiment experience with Shawnrey and amazing women, that will help you slow down, relax, and open to the wisdom of your body.
Shawnrey Notto
Embodied Leadership Expert

FREE GIFT: Express Yourself to Success! How expression liberates your leadership, income, and impact.
Lisa Dennen Young
Leadership Coach

FREE GIFT: Burnout Rescue Session: Step-by-step strategy to get back on track to rebuild your energy & focus even if you feel like things are out of control.
Dr. Vera Singleton
Burnout & Resilience Expert

FREE GIFT: Online Presence Assessment – Think you may need help getting your social media presence together? Let’s take a look at your current social media site and assess them.
Italina Kirknis
Online Presence Expert

FREE GIFT: Guide, Grandmothers’ house cleansing and abundance ritual. Dispel negative energies and attract in money or protection.
Alia Curtis
Intuitive / Clairvoyant Tarot Reader



FINANCIAL freedom & business excellence from Black Women Entrepreneurs:


GIFT: Sacred Mornings: Learn the seriously simple morning routine that I used to scale my business from zero to 7-figures in 2 years!

Cyndi Padilla
7-figure business builder

GIFT: How Excuses Are Sabotaging Your Prosperity – How to go from sabotages into success and prosperity.
Abiola Oladoke
Success Activator

GIFT: The Sacred Money Quiz. Reveal your unique strengths and weaknesses around money and how that shapes your financial success in business.
Kadidja Yansane
Spiritual Business Coach

GIFT: Create your impact driven 2020 plan to kick off the new decade. Impact 2020 Training + Impact 2020 Planner + a powerful Goals and Objective tool.
Trudi Lebrón
Biz Strategist for Social Impact

GIFT: Danetha’s free library of hot money advice – she’s a personal finance expert recognized by the Wall Street Journal, and is the star financial expert in the TV series, Going From Broke.
Danetha Doe
Financial Journalist

GIFT: 3 Secrets to Keeping More Money and Activating Your Ultimate Power from the #1 best selling book: Supercharge Your Success.
Kimberly Sherry
Money Energy Expert

GIFT: Dream, Declare, Deliver Guide Book – Gain the Courage to Go for What you Want.
Eva Medilek
Relationship Success Coach

GIFT: Guide, Launch Your Soul-Centered Business Online. Leverage the Online Space to Increase Your Visibility, Attract More Clients & Amp Up Your Income.
Jennifer Covington
Business Coach

From Domina Doll ( &

Meditation, Tantra, Goddess Empowerment, Sisterhood, Sex Magick, Sexual & Emotional Healing, Shamanism, Spirituality, Female Embodiment, Empowerment & Anti-Racism Resources from Beautiful WOC & Other Goddess Womxxn I Follow.

Meditation for Transmuting Emotions and Sparking Racial Justice

It’s time. Time to sit with our emotions and use them as a launching pad to combat racism in our world. Time to create space for and remember all the precious black lives that have been taken from us.

Time to take the anger, frustration, sadness, and pain; and transmute them into action, ideas, change, and progress. In this video, I talk about how powerful it is to sit with emotions, especially during a time like this.

And then I share a meditation for accepting feelings and emotions, aligning them to the heart, and then merging them with third chakra energies of action.

Rhoda Jordan Shapiro
Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Tantric Educator, Author.

Dear Black Women, Let’s talk about healing | Angela Bowden | TEDxMSVUWomen
TEDx Talks
Beginning with a powerful poem, Angela talks about the power of acknowledging and healing from the “strength and resilience trauma” that black women normalize and carry; Realizing the black woman’s burden and healing our caregivers and youth. Angela Bowden is a writer, speaker and activist.

Bringing her lived experiences as an African Nova Scotian woman, Angela speaks and writes extensively about social justice and the emotional experiences of her people.

She has delivered many speeches at social justice and women focused events and has published articles and poetry reflecting African Nova Scotians experiences and pain.

Angela is passionate about the anti-racism activism she is involved in and has organized and participated in many events that challenges the injustices in our communities and systems. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

By Elonda Clay
This project has important implications for the study of gender, race, religion, and the digital humanities. The purpose of The Black Goddess Rising Archive is four-fold; first, to make digitized and born-digital images of black goddesses – African and African Diasporic goddesses specifically- more accessible for the general public and researchers by bringing them together; second, to collect user-generated videos that engage digital performances and communicative practices related to black goddesses and black womanhood; third, to include black women and their networked digital discourses as research subjects, and lastly, to discuss strategies and best practices for archiving digital visual objects that represent black goddesses.

Meditation for Black Women | Self-Love & Healing
Alyssa G. Mullings
A Guided Meditation for The Original Beings.

Say Their Names: Honor the Fallen: Black Lives Matter
Abiola Abrams
Sacred Ceremony to Honor the Fallen – black people murdered by law enforcement
Black Lives Matter Protest Circle
Say their Names

Abiola Abrams
Healing Reiki for Anger and Frustration Over People Being Killed by Law Enforcement

Abiola Abrams – Womanifesting. Welcome to the home of The Spiritpreneur® Guru Academy, Goddess Unmasked Retreat at Omega, and Shameless Self-Worth Movement — soulcare + strategy to WOMANIFEST your LIFE, PERSONAL POWER & BUSINESS.

Black Woman Heal Day! How to Heal Trauma, Grief, Abandonment
Abiola Abrams

It’s Black Woman Heal Day! Black Woman Heal was created to support women of African descent worldwide. In this healing video, I address our pain and the idea of being a strong black woman. Let’s talk about grief, trauma, anger, PTSD, depression and womanhood. I also discuss being an HSP, Highly Sensitive Person.

The Black Woman is God: Divine Revolution – A multi-media visual and spiritual exhibition for audiences to recognize an alternative to Western cultural narratives that challenges Eurocentric notions of God. The exibition was held at SOMArts Cultural Center in San Francisco, California on July 20–August 26, 2017.

The Black Woman is God
The Black Woman is God (BWIG) celebrates the Black female presence as the highest spiritual form – God, and challenges viewers to do the same. Artists bring history and culture alive by refocusing the audience on where humanity really began–the womb of the African woman through musical, performing, and visual artists.

The Black Madonna: An Ancient Tradition in Modern Times

Black Madonnas: Origin, History, Controversy – Michael Duricy

The Orisha Project. An audio & photo documentary of black Americans living the Yoruba traditional religion in The US.

5 Ways to Manifest Anything Through Your Punany
Lady Shepsa Jones is a writer, teacher, life-coach, mother and “juju woman”—one who taps into her magical powers for healing and manifestation.
As an adult she has spent over ten years studying the spiritual sciences of the African Diaspora, as well as Taoist and Tantric traditions. Through the study of sacred sexuality, Shepsa has reconnected to the goddess within her and aims to assist other women in experiencing the healing and freedom of their sensual selves.

Taylor Sparks- Erotic Educator, Sex Goddess, Cert. Holistic Aromatherapist, Cert. Human Behavior
Founder of
Founder of Sisters of Sexuality Collective
Educate, Entertain and Inform you in all areas of sexuality, sexual health, kink, relationships and the business of sex.

Queen Afua – Author of Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit
Queen Afua begins by helping us to discover our unique “womb-an-ness”—and to honor the womb as the center of our consciousness and creativity, giving us a twenty-one-day program for womb purification and spirit rejuvenation.

Then Queen Afua summons us to enter the Nine Gateways of Initiation, where she blesses us with the exact tools we need to bring our beings into true harmony with the earth and the cosmos.

The Power of Looking at Your Yoni is a straightforward guide to help women acknowledge and celebrate their feminine essence; their VAGINAS! It is about getting back to the simple steps of building a relationship with oneself and often times that starts with looking.

In this case, women looking at their vaginas, speaking love to their vaginas and simply taking time to be with themselves.These acts are revolutionary.

More than 100 of the world’s top Tantra Facilitators including WOC, & Ethic Minorities. Over 200 + hours of live workshops and performances. 7 Days of live events. 30 days of uninterrupted access to the recorded event library post-festival.
One World united in a Global Tantra Festival.

From Flouishing Goddess (Syma Kharal) An international Sacred Feminine and spiritual coach, healer, speaker, retreat leader and #1 Amazon bestselling author of the books “Goddess Reclaimed” and “Manifest Soulmate Love.”
Syma shares divine feminine guidance, spiritual messages and a channelled Goddess meditation for coronavirus to help you:

  • Face, clear and heal coronavirus fears, anxiety, stress, worry and all feelings with Goddess Ereshkigal.
  • Practice unconditional self-love and acceptance for yourself and grace and compassion with others with Goddess Quan Yin.
  • Surrender to uncertainty and embrace spiritual lessons of coronavirus with Goddess of transformation Kali Ma.
  • Release coronavirus money and financial fears and open to abundance with Goddess Pachamama and Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi Ma.
  • Boost your immune system and amplify your health with Mayan Goddess of healing, Ixchel.
  • Be a spiritual leader and lightworker during the coronavirus to bring greater love, light, healing, and blessings to all beings as a Priestess with Goddess Isis.

Syma goes beyond anger management tips or trying to control your anger and instead empowers you to embrace your sacred rage and righteous wrath. Anger is a powerful emotion that can help you with deep emotional healing and bring you self-empowerment, self-worth, self-love, self-respect and self-esteem.

It can help you release toxic patterns that no longer serve you and create healthy relationships with higher standards and expectations for yourself.

Learn how giving your power away can keep you stuck through inner and outer blocks to manifesting your and living your desires.
Syma teaches you five Goddesses: Sekhmet, Pele, Lilith, Kali and Brigit, to help you reclaim your divine feminine power.
Learn how to release toxic relationships, set boundaries, clear your solar plexus chakra and be true to yourself with your feminine power.

Devi Ward speaks about healing sexual shame and empowering your life through embracing your sexuality.

Devi Ward
Sex Is Medicine ~ Good Pussy Energy with Davia Frost
Davia Frost is a Jamaican Born, Chicago native and certified sex coach and sex educator with an emphasis in women’s sexual health and pleasure.

Devi Ward
Sex Is Medicine ~ Colonization & Sex: The Aftermath
Anne Mauro, LMFT, DHS, CST (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Couples and Family Therapist, Clinical Sexologist, and currently the only American Association Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapist (AASECT) Certified Sex Therapist in Tacoma, Washington.

Devi Ward
In this episode we will discuss how to use Shamanism to cultivate sexual healing which includes the use of ritual and ceremony during sexual experiences, why its so important to unite sex and spirit, and how non-monogamous sex can be spiritual and healing.
Find out:

  • How to use plant medicine during sexual experiences
  • Working with the elements and why its important for healing
  • How to prepare for a shamanic journey
  • How to choose a Shaman/ sexual healer.
  • Charging or programming objects with sexual energy
  • Healing sexual trauma with pleasure and Shamanic work
    Jhoselyn Thomas is a Licensed Registered Nurse with over 16 years of experience, a Sacred Sexuality Guide, Sexual health advocate and Certified Tantra Practitioner. A Shaman training with the indigenous Shuar culture of her native country of Ecuador; a plant medicine retreat facilitator, and intuitive healer. She has worked with clients of all ages, genders and backgrounds in both Spanish (her native tongue), and English. Sharing her medical and holistic knowledge about health, healing and emotional balancing life. Working with knowledge passed down from her South American Indigenous lineage, as well as her western training.

The Female Sex Podcast Ep. 6 | The Black Woman’s Burden
The Female Sex

BlackWomen #YeAreGods
The chaos is and always has been about Her.

Feminista Jones
Reclaiming Our Space:
How Black Feminists Are Changing the World From the Tweets to the Streets
In Reclaiming Our Space, social worker, activist, and cultural commentator Feminista Jones explores how Black women are changing culture, society, and the landscape of feminism by building digital communities and using social media as powerful platforms.
Visit FJ’s website

Earth Mama Medicine
May this video bring you healing and power. Much love to all of you.

Earth Mama Medicine
May this video aid you in reaching your ultimate power.
OTHER YONI VIDEOS by- Earth Mama Medicine
Birth Control:
Yoni Detox Pearls:
Vaginal Weightlifting:
Yoni Steaming:
Yoni Egg Exercises & Yoni Wellness Products:

EMBODY Freedom! Hosted by Hemalayaa- Guest Facilitator, Kenlyn Kolleen and d?c PEACE and

Yoni Breathing OlanikeeOsi
This is a video on how to breathe from your yoni. Below are the video’s time frames in case you would like to skip around, although I think you should watch the whole video or listen to it on my SelfishBabe SelfishTalk Podcast.
Sexual Energy: 14:38
Yoni Breathing 18:16
Yoni Affirmations 22:52
My Book 23:20
The Power Of Looking At Your Yoni Ebook:

Antiracism books to read right now from Amazon:

Leonie Dawson
Waking Up To My Own Racism

Qoya: Be the Light by Rochelle Schieck
Qoya is based on the idea through movement, we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free. Using movement as metaphor and infusing movement with meaning, the words wise, wild, and free are not only archetypical energies that we all possess, but these words also draw reference to the movement forms we practice.
Through movement, we remember those things that can never be put into words.

Dr. Ava Cadell
The benefit of this meditation is to give your body the love and nurturing it needs to release any stress and experience mindfulness.

Forgiveness of Self & Others Meditation
Dr. Ava Cadell
The benefit of this meditation is to use healing techniques to forgive and experience the freedom to love, peace, happiness, success and enlightenment.


Black sex educators, artists, sex workers, body & movement facilitators, etc.
From Amber Leitz Amber Leitz @

Grab Kelli Rubin’s hand made resin incense — LINGUA FRANCA. Burn this for, Opening and repairing lines of communication. Speaking truth and being heard. Allowing others to be themselves around you. Sweetening bitter pills.

Their Instagram handles & websites:












@sexpositiveparenting (check out their only fans on their IG)

From Stepahnie Bellinger

Here are some other anti-racism workshops going on that I would like to share.

Spiritual Activism 101 with Rachel Ricketts. This is a 90 minute workshop I recently invested in, where you can begin to heal race-related wounds and contribute to lasting, effective racial justice.

Learn to Hold Space with Juliet C. Obodo. This is a live workshop this Saturday (I’m sure there will be a replay) on how to hold space for Black and Brown clients and create inclusive coaching experiences.

Anti-racism resources:
Huge google doc of anti-racism resources for everyone.
Resources for white parents to raise anti-racist children, Articles, Videos, Podcasts, Books, Films and TV series, Organizations to follow.
More anti-racism resources to included:
+75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice
+Anti-Racism Project
+Jenna Arnold’s resources (books and people to follow)
+Rachel Ricketts’ anti-racism resources
+Resources for White People to Learn and Talk About Race and Racism
+Save the Tears: White Woman’s Guide by Tatiana Mac
+Showing Up For Racial Justice’s educational toolkits
+The [White] Shift on Instagram
+“Why is this happening?” — an introduction to police brutality from 100 Year Hoodie
+Zinn Education Project’s teaching materials

From: Kathrin Zenkina

Social Justice, Anti-Racism, White Privilege resources to dive into:

Compilation of Black/Indigenous founded companies you can purchase from and support. *Scholarships for webinars are available to marginalized folx (particularly BI&POC) with genuine barriers to access on an as-needed, honor system basis (no applications necessary).

Antiracist Checklist

Webinar Recordings on Spiritual Activism, Anti-Racism & Inclusion (Workshops by Rachel Ricketts)

75 Things White People Can Do for Racial Justice:

Anti-Racism Resources for White People (another HUGE compilation of various resources)

From: Layla Martin @

I’d like to take a moment here to promote the work of many of the black authors, activists, coaches and teachers who have shared their wisdom and perspective with me to further my own personal anti-racism work, and who have worked diligently to create more justice for all of us. I encourage those of you who don’t yet follow them, to check them out:

Rachel Cargle
“Rachel Cargle is a public academic, writer, and lecturer. Her activism and academic work are rooted in providing intellectual discourse, tools, and resources that explore the intersection of race and womanhood. Her social media platforms boast a community of over 315k where Rachel guides conversations, encourages critical thinking and nurtures meaningful engagement with people all over the world.”

What I’ve learned from Rachel: How to be a white feminist leader who is anti-racist, and education on intersectional issues.

Recommended work: Watch her speeches in her Instagram linktree @rachel.cargle

Desiree Adaway
Desiree is a consultant, trainer, coach and speaker building resilient, equitable, and inclusive organizations. She holds a vision for people’s lives, workplaces and communities until they can hold it for themselves. Desiree has over 25 years of experience creating, leading and managing international, multicultural teams through major organizational changes in over 40 countries.

What I learned from Desiree: She has guided me in private coaching, allowing me to unpack my internalized racism and to emerge a much better human being. She allowed me, as a leader, to focus on building a truly inclusive business and trained my team as well.

Recommended work: Private coaching and/or her training for business teams that can be found on her website.

It’s time for us to take responsibility for ourselves and to be in ownership of our impact. It can be hard to do this work without a community, so joining an anti-racism action network like Showing Up for Racial Justice can help a lot.

Layla is donating and supporting:
We are donating to organizations that provide mental health support and counseling to women of color, specifically Rachel Cargle’s organization: The Loveland Foundation.

Recommended Books:

Recommended by OUR women leaders of color
You Look Like Something Blooming: A Memoir of Divination Seeds to Cultivate Your Feminine Garden Temple
India Ame’ye

Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome: America’s Legacy of Enduring Injury and Healing
Joy DeGruy Leary

White Fragility: Why It’s So Hard for White People to Talk About Racism
by Robin DiAngelo and Michael Eric Dyson

The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap
Mehrsa Baradaran

Well-Read Black Girl: Finding Our Stories, Discovering Ourselves
by Glory Edim

Black Fortunes: The Story of the First Six African Americans Who Survived Slavery and Became Millionaires
by Shomari Wills

Conversations in Black: On Power, Politics, and Leadership
by Ed Gordon

Between the World and Me
by Ta-Nehisi Coates


1.NAACP – For over a hundred years, they’ve worked to secure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights in order to eliminate race-based discrimination and ensure the health and well-being of all persons.
Donate here through the NAACP act blue page:

2.There are a number of grassroots organizations that are doing enormously important work in the struggle for racial justice. One of the ways that we can have an impact right now is by contributing to them and supporting their efforts.

  • The Bail Project,
  • Poor People’s Campaign,
  • NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund,
  • Mijente,
  • Color of Change Education Fund,
  • and The Citizenship Education Fund.

Donate here through the Bernie Sanders act blue page:

  1. Huge Google docs of places to donate and support:
  2. Coronavirus Fund for BIWoC – Act in Allyship!
    In the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, the most marginalized will continue to bear the brunt of our systems’ deep injustices. It is clear the American government has not and will not do enough to support Black and Indigenous womxn+ (includes trans, gender non-conforming, non-binary, agender, genderqueer, intersex folx, femmes and anyone else who may hold less assigned gender power). BIWoC are undersupported and undervalued on a good day, let alone in the middle of a global disaster. Support us in supporting BIWoC with money to pay for food, rent, toiletries, childcare, supplies, metro tickets, utilities, caring for ill family members and whatever else is needed to survive not only the first wave of this pandemic, but the massive global economic recession that will follow.

Black Visions:
Black Visions Collective (BLVC) believes in a future where all Black people have autonomy, safety is community-led, and we are in right relationship within our ecosystems. Healing Justice and Transformative Justice at the Center.

As an organization dedicated to Black liberation and to collective liberation, we need a radical and ongoing investment in our own healing. By claiming love for our own bodies, our own psyches, our own experiences, and by building the resources we need to integrate healing justice into all that we do, we are insisting on conditions that can carry us towards the next generation of work, and towards a deeper place of freedom for all of us.

Photo by Koshu Kunii on Unsplash

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