Adventures of The Nipple and The Broccoli

Once upon a time there was a pleasure seeker named Gaia Morrissette. One day at a dinner party with open, honest and non-judgemental friends, she thought, as she picked up her raw piece of broccoli “I wonder what this would feel like on my nipple.”  What do you think happens next…

If you thought she was going to rub the broccoli on her nipple when she was alone, you would be wrong…lol. Remember, she was with safe, open friends. 

She turned to the guests and asked the question:  “What do you think broccoli would feel like on a nipple?” 

The guests laughed and said “I don’t know!”

She asked everyone, “Would  it okay if I tried it at the dinner table?”

Guests: “Sure go for it!”

So she pulled her nipple out of her shirt and started to rub her nipple with the broccoli and WOW! so much pleasure and sensations: cold, rough, and different colours between the green of the broccoli and the pinks in her nipple. The whole experience was very hot and extremely sexy. That was the first time she actually liked her greens…lol. She became great friends with broccoli from that day forth.

So what can we learn from Gaia’s story? 

  1. Pleasure can be found in the less expected things and places.  
  2. When we don’t judge our pleasure thoughts we create new possibilities to explore.
  3. Having non-judgemental, open friends makes for a more interesting dinner party.
  4. Asking for consent is an important part of respect and creating a safe space for everyone to be comfortable.
  5. If you ever get a chance to go to a dinner party with Gaia say YES, you never know what will happen!

Super important, you might not have safe and non-judgemental friends or spaces that you could do that exploration with others currently in your life. Do not worry, you can still become a pleasure seeker, you might just have to be resourceful and stealthy to explore. For example: Instead of testing your thoughts at the table in front of everyone you might just pick up a piece of broccoli and put it in your pocket and go to the bathroom. Or wait until you are making a salad at home alone. You may open up the conversation at the table or keep it to yourself. Whatever makes you feel comfortable is perfect as long as you still explore the pleasure possibilities.

To learn how to make more OPEN friends and to become a pleasure seeking master please come hang out with Gaia at and listen to her podcast “My Orgasmic Life” that can be found on  Spreaker or Spotify or Apple podcast or Google Podcast or iHeartRadio or on your favourite podcast platform. You can also listen on my website

Until next time stay curious

P.S. This is a true story and no broccoli were injured in the experience!

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