A Compassionate Kind of Love

A Compassionate Kind of Love

Sean’s gentle care of his wife results in a night of marital bliss.

Completely spent, Angie turned on the TV for the kids and sat down on the couch, surrounded by the laundry that shamed her for taking a break. The baby took an and early nap since he’d spent the entire night awake, alternately screaming or nursing. A month ago, Angie would have taken the opportunity to shut her eyes for an hour or so. With her other kids home during summer vacation, Angie’s napping days were over.

When she was 27, having children close in age seemed like a great way to encourage sibling bonding. Now, though, it just felt like slow tortureFuck.

Angie caught herself and bit her lip. If people could hear the thoughts running through her sleep-deprived brain, they’d think her an unfit mother. What kind of parent wishes their children away (even briefly)?

Angie let her blood-shot eyes drift closed.

“Mama, we’re hungry,” her five-year-old tapped her arm.

Shaking herself from her almost-nap, Angie headed to the kitchen to feed her older two children.

Coffee, more coffee will help.

With a steaming cup in hand, Angie returned to the laundry. The rest of the afternoon passed in a whirlwind of diaper changes, nursing sessions, sprinkler jumps, and bubble blowing. When Angie managed to glance at the clock, it was 4:30. Her husband would be home in twenty minutes, and she’d count every one.

With the kids occupied with finger-painting, Angie tackled the mountain of dishes from breakfast and lunch and listened to the minutes tick away. She heard Sean’s car in the driveway as she loaded the last plate into the dishwasher. Her shoulders relaxed for the first time that day.

“Hey there, supermom,” Sean walked through the door with a pizza box in hand.

She would have dropped to her knees and worshipped his cock right there if she’d had any energy.

“Thank you for picking up pizza; I’m so — “

He cut her off, “Exhausted, I know. You were up all night,” Sean set the pizza box on the counter and pulled Angie into an embrace with a kiss on her forehead, “Let’s get you to bed.”

“Oh, I’ll be fine. Besides, the baby needs to eat soon,”

“No, you will not be fine, no human can function without sleep, and you’re my favorite human, so you’re going to sleep. I can feed Lilly a bottle; she needs to get used to them for daycare anyway.”

He’s right, I need rest, he can handle the kids. He’s right, he’s right.

Sean steered Angie to the bedroom, peeled off her clothes, still protesting that she didn’t need to go to bed at 5:00 PM. He pulled back the covers, and when she slid between the sheets, he tucked her in with another forehead kiss.

She was asleep before he shut the door.

Sean knew that the other moms in Angie’s circle were just as sleep-deprived as she was, but he also knew that most of those husbands were shitheads who didn’t give their wives a break. One man at work said that since Angie was on maternity leave, she should be taking care of everything, and packing Sean a lunch.

Morons like that didn’t understand that maternity leave is to recover from childbirth and not to become a servant to a man-child. Besides, Sean enjoyed the moments after work when it was just he and the kids. He liked figuring out how to soothe them without mom around. He did things differently than she did, which is oldest was always willing to point out, but Angie never minded.

Angie woke from her slumber to a note from Sean resting beside her.

You’ve had the same book on your nightstand since Lilly was born, pick it up, and read it. Don’t you dare come out and try to mom again.

Angie smiled and picked up the novel she’d been reading one sentence at a time for the past two months. Sean knew her so well. The baby’s cry tempted her to leave the room, but she also knew that Sean needed this time with Lilly. She put her earbuds in with slow jazz playing and continued reading.

When Sean did open the door, he held a plate of grilled chicken and vegetables on a tray with a small glass of wine. Angie sat up, suddenly realizing she’d forgotten to eat lunch.

As she enjoyed her meal, Sean talked about his evening with the kids, and how much he enjoyed the time.

“They’re all in bed. We did baths, well, except for Lilly.”

“She went to bed with a bottle?”

“I wrapped her up in the sling after eating and wore her while I tucked in the other two. She fell asleep and transferred to the crib without a problem. You’ll probably want to pump, right?” Sean bounced back to the kitchen to gather her pumping supplies.

Angie ate and pumped a bottle of milk that Sean stored in the fridge. When he returned to collect the dishes, Angie asked him to cuddle up with her. Sean was happy to oblige and slid beneath the duvet, revelling in the warmth of his wife’s body.

He held her for some time while they talked about their days. Angie’s eyes lit up when she spoke about the kids. Sean knew she was tired, but she loved them so fiercely. When he kissed her, warmth flooded through Angie. Her heart raced, and she felt that familiar clench low in her belly.

Sean’s hands wandered over Angie’s familiar form. Motherhood had left its marks behind, but touching her was still the most erotic thing he could imagine. Angie shivered beneath his hand, and Sean opened his eyes.

“Do you want to try?” Angie asked, “It’s been long enough.”

“Are you sure? I don’t want to hurt you.”

“I want to,” this time, Angie kissed him with an urgency that caused his cock to swell. She must have felt it against her because she giggled and wiggled her hips.

Sean let his hands wander to the places she liked best, her breasts, the spot where her upper thigh met her ass. He then shifted to allow his hand to roam, to tease.

“Please stop me if something is uncomfortable, I don’t want to hurt you,” Sean reached for a bit of lube before letting his slick fingers play over her vulva.

When Angie moaned and closed her eyes, Sean parted her lips and pressed gently against her protruding nub. Angie bit her lower lip and began thrusting her hips toward his hand. She wanted more.

Sean circled her clit, slowly, then dipped one finger inside before completing another circle. He repeated the pattern he’d seen Angie do with her vibrator. She liked the intensity on her clit, and the briefest tease against her g-spot. Angie could come quickly, but a slow build resulted in a crescendo of ecstasy that he loved to watch.

Angie’s fingers dug into the flesh of his upper arm, and she clung to him, her face buried in his chest as she twitched, her legs quivering. When she came, she moaned into his chest, her nails digging in.

Then, Angie rolled to her back, pulling Sean on top of her. She needed to feel him between her legs, his weight pressing into her. Sean added more lube to his cock, wanting to be as gentle as possible with his wife.

When he slid inside her, they both stilled, eyes locked. Sean didn’t want to move until he was confident that Angie was ok — that she wasn’t hurting. When she smiled at him, that smile that changed his life so many years before, he kissed her and began to move.

Angie’s hands wandered from Sean’s back to his hips; she loved the feel of his muscles rippling as he thrust into her. Angie’s legs wound around her husband, and she circled her hips in tune with his thrusts.

“Vibrator,” Angie whispered.

Sean paused to open the bedside drawer and pull out the small vibrator Angie liked on her clit. He flipped it on, and handed it to her, then shifted to give her space. Angie pressed the vibrator to her clit, and Sean circled his hips, hitting the spot that he knew Angie needed.

The intoxicating combination of Sean’s cock and her vibrator had her legs shaking, her clit buzzing, and warmth spreading through her core.

The orgasm built slowly, but when she came, Sean felt her vaginal muscles massaging his cock, begging for his eruption. Angie dropped her vibrator and reached to rub Sean’s balls. The sensation of her orgasm pouring over his cock sent Sean over the edge.

They rolled to their sides, and Sean assumed the position as the big spoon. He let his hands trace his wife’s soft curves until he heard her breathing shift as she fell into a deep, much-needed sleep.

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