9 Best Sex-Positive Podcasts to Listen

Well, it’s the year 2022, and podcasts are becoming extremely popular these days. It is a medium that helps you to exchange your perspectives freely. When it comes to the sexual well-being industry, it can be challenging to host and run a podcast. It is because of the prevalence of stigmas, misconceptions, and other restrictions.

However, it is essential to create platforms that allow sex-positive creators to showcase their views and thoughts. Here, we have brought together the best sex-positive podcasts that you can listen to this year. Thus, let’s cut the chase and dive right into the matter!

Back to Basics

Hosted by Laura Johnsen, a digital content creator, and Lulu Batista, certified sex educator, Back to Basics is a sex-ed show that breaks the myth and taboos. Here, the hosts delve into topics like sexual orientation, masturbation, consent, virginity, sexual health, etc., 

Apart from that, they focus on the meaning of terms like gay, lesbian, kink, BDSM, pornography, erotica, non-monogamy, and more. You can also tune into special episodes that contain interviews from sex educators like Angel Russell or Professor Sex.

All the content available on Back to Basics is beginner-friendly. Therefore, you can start rebuilding the foundation, making it one of the best sex-positive podcasts.

Herpes 101

Herpes 101 is a podcast series by Rich Muneuso, the author of Asking for a Friend and Never Eat Ice Cream of the Sidewalk. Through this podcast, Muneuso focuses on the different facts associated with herpes. 

Here, you can listen to gain a better understanding of herpes. For instance, there is a podcast looking into the difference between herpes simplex type 1 and type 2. 

Others focus on what you can do when you get diagnosed with herpes. Muneuso also speaks about the prevalence of lack of knowledge on the existence of herpes. Besides, the host delves into the stigmas associated with this condition and different symptoms of herpes.

Femtech Focus

With Brittany Barreto as the host, Femtech Focus is one of the best sex-positive podcasts. Here, you can listen to experts, ranging from doctors to founders, share their experiences and perspectives. Even though the podcast comes under femtech, it brings in guests other than female founders. Here, the host brings in discussions of the wellness industry’s past, present, and future.

As of now, there are over 130+ podcast episodes that you can listen to on Femtech Focus. For instance, there are conversations about supporting healthier breastfeeding, miscarriage, and other topics on Femtech Focus.

Sex-ed Speak Easy

Hosted by Angel Russell, COO of Tickle.Life, and Steven Russell, Head of Productions, Tickle.Life, Sex-ed SpeakEasy is a podcast about drinking and talking about sex. The creators derived the podcast’s concept from the issues faced in the 1920s and 30s.

During this time, people had to whisper to reach backdoor establishments for drinking and dancing. These places are known as SpeakEasy. Even today, there are numerous prohibitions on creating content that promotes sex education.

Understanding that, this podcast looks into topics ranging from the history of sexuality to sex education. Here, during each episode, the hosts feature a drink or cocktail with the help of a mixologist. 

The first episode focuses on the hankey code, popular during the 1970s. Here, gay men in the fetish and kink community used handkerchiefs for signaling. 

For that purpose, they used different colored handkerchiefs. In this episode, the signature drink made by the creators is Harvey Wallbanger. Some of the other episodes deal with Kamasutra, Halloween, dating in the time of the industrial revolution, etc.,

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My Orgasmic Life

Hosted by Gaia Morrisett, My Orgasmic Life is part of Succulent Living. The hostess conducts talks, discussions on different topics, and interviews emphasizing adventures. 

In one of the recent talks on Slutty XXXmas, Gaia delves into seven new sexual experiences. Apart from that, Gaia discusses ejaculation in the ears, orgasm denial, puppy play, training her submissive, etc. 

Other than that, she brings in different exciting challenges that can strike the interest of every listener. Some of the other episodes in the show include topics such as seven days of nonsexual pleasure, multiorgasms, birthday orgasms, radical honesty, healing through ejaculation, and orgasm.

 Besides, there are also episodes with a co-host, Dana Pharant. Therefore, My Orgasmic Life is yet another best sex-positive podcast worth listening to this season.

Talking About Sex: Tell Me Your Story

Hosted by Linnea Maria and Calendra Balfour, Talking About Sex: Tell Me Your Story is a podcast that brings in interviews. Here, people can share stories about their sex life and other related experiences. If you have an interesting story to share, you can contact us. Through this, you can also gain the opportunity to be a part of this exciting experience.

Here, there are interviews with leading celebrities like Margaret Choo as well. You can tune into the conversations with the Millers and also listen to a talk by Lauren Colleti, host of the Sex-Positive Podcast. Other guests you can listen to are T.J Harris and Ashantae. Since it’s an ongoing podcast, you can tune into stories by others as well soon.

Future of Sex

Future of Sex is a sex-tech podcast that focuses on sexuality and technology. It is a show hosted by Bryony Cole, where they discuss a variety of topics, ranging from skin hunger to cannasexual entrepreneurs. There are other interesting topics too, where the host looks into the possibilities of having sex in space. 

Launched in 2016, Future of Sex focuses on the trends in the industry. Besides, Bryony Cole is also starting sextech school, a course to help investors and people within the industry. In simple terms, it is one of the best sex-positive podcasts for the industry. 

Savage Love Cast

Savage Love Cast is a podcast hosted by Dan Savage, one of the experts from the sexual well-being industry. With their extensive background, Dan Savage offers cutting-edge advice through their podcasts. It is one of the leading and best sex-positive podcasts, where the host presents different perspectives on sexual well-being. 

Besides, the podcast complies well with its tagline, which states, “there is nothing you can’t ask.” Apart from podcasts, there are merchandise, columns, and live shows by Savage Love Cast.

F*ckbuddies: A Sex and Dating Advice Podcast

Being a self-help podcast, it is one of the best sex-positive podcasts you can tune into this season. Here, you can listen to the hosts Nial Spain, writer of several short stories and novels, and Dian Miller, jack of all trades and creator of web series and films.

Here, the hosts create a judgment-free environment, where they answer the questions people have asked on social media. Some of the topics they deal with are consent, communication issues, relationship, intimacy, romance, etc.,

Bawdy Storytelling

Bawdy Storytelling brings in true stories on different topics and is one of the leading podcasts from the sexual well-being industry. Here, the host delves into kink, body image, gender, sex, etc. Apart from the podcasts, there are regular events and shows as well. Through the podcasts, you can listen to various experiences by different people. As of now, there are 207 podcast episodes as part of the Dixie De La Tour. 

So, why hesitate? Tune into and listen to the best sex-positive podcasts now! Well, if you are a creator, you can always list and even host your sexual well-being podcast with us!

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