7 Sex-Positive LGBTQ+ Artists to Follow on Instagram

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Music can be therapeutic and can act as a form of expression. Here, we will look at some of our favorite LGBTQ+ artists who have expressed themselves through music. So, without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at our top picks of sex-positive artists/bands worth following on Instagram.

Webber Lane

One of the three hosts of the series, We are Savy, Lane Webber is a singer, songwriter, and musician. Their song covers can leave you spellbound. Webber, as mentioned, is not just the voice behind numerous beautiful songs. They have also composed several musical works.

Webber also enjoys playing different musical instruments, and you can find some of their works as you browse through their Instagram handle. Webber also collaborates with other creative artists for creating musical covers. Besides that, Webber is an artist who is unapologetically proud of their identity. They ensure that they are representing the LGBTQ+ community through their artworks.

Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys is a band that is vocal about LGBTQ+ issues. They released their album “Please” during a crucial period in the Gay Rights Movement. Apart from this musical composition, Pet Shop Boys broke sexual taboos through the release of yet another musical album, “West End Girls.” 

The artistic works by the Pet Shop Boys have a profound place in the LGBTQ+ movements. It is because this band raised its voice against taboos in a city boy style when there was a scarce representation of LGBTQ+ artists in media. Their yet another song, “Last Night I fell in Love,” centers on a rapper known for their homophobic encounter with an unnamed male fan. It is another example that shows how the Pet Shop Boys raised their voice against the misconduct in our communities.

Siena Liggins

While vibing in a gay bar, Siena Liggins’ albums can be an excellent choice to enjoy the moment. Her “Ms. Out Tonight” is an album worth listening to, and it is a smashing hit as well. Liggins’ “Flowerbomb” is yet another album that gained attention. The WUSSY magazine described it as “the song of the summer for girls who like girls.”

Siena Liggins has also appeared on the Billboard Pride playlist. While you tune into the songs by Liggins, you can get deeper into embracing an unapologetic self. They can inspire you to become confident and bold as well. Liggins’ created her musical compositions by acquiring inspiration from her real life. Her lyrics are highly relatable, and the videos have unique aesthetics too.

Scissor Sisters

Scissor Sisters, through their Instagram handle, makes evident their support for the LGBTQ+ community. Being a product of the vibrant queer nightlife of New York City, Scissor Sisters is a band that you have to add to your playlist. Through their music, they continue to bring the LGBTQ+ culture to the mainstream. 

Through their live concerts, Scissor Sisters bring out the essence of New York City’s gay underground. They never compromised their art and beliefs to please those who are against the queer community. Some of their famous albums that you can tune into include “Let’s Have a Kiki”, “Take Your Mama” and “I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’.”

Devin Collins

Grooving with the catchy lyrics, swift dance moves in Collin’s music can brighten up your mood. Collins prefers when others call him their gay best friend. With love for the bubbliness of mainstream pop music, he is an artist who prioritizes this genre for its inclusivity. 

Collins kickstarted his music career at a very young age. He started by playing saxophone for a band, which was America’s youngest jazz band. Apart from pop music, Collins is also into EDM songs and uplifting music. Collin’s latest music video, “Cash that,” has garnered much appreciation as well.

Kendoll King 

When you are in search of feel-good music, King’s songs can be a great pick. King is not just the master of vocals but, he is also someone who plays different musical instruments. He has created several splendid music covers.

Be it jazz, pop, rock, or R&B music, King has in-depth knowledge in playing them. He got into singing at the young age of eight. At that time, he was into theatre as well. When he was 14, he had formed his very first band. King is an LGBTQ+ sex-positive artist worth following.

Elina Filice

Founder of Red Vine records, Filice makes it a point to pay tribute to the LGBTQ+ community through art. Filice dedicated “Let’s get lost” dedicated to the queer community. Through Filice’s musical journey, Filice resonates with their struggles. Filice is also on a self-discovery journey, where their ultimate focus is finding one’s true self. It could be a reason why Filice’s music is something that we can connect with easily.

“Everything about You” is yet another mesmerizing album by Filice that shows how the beauty of love always remains even when things get challenging. It presents that when you love someone, you accept them despite their flaws. If you scroll through Filice’s Instagram profile, you will find many beautiful acoustic covers. Filice is yet another LGBTQ+ artist worth following on Instagram.

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