7 Lesbian Movies on Netflix to Watch

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Netflix has several movies and shows that focus on the LGBTQ+ community. Some shows like Feel Good and movies like The Feels are worth watching with your partner, family, friends, or alone. Here, we have brought together our favorite seven lesbian movies on Netflix to watch. Thus, without wasting any more time, let’s dive right into the matter.

Duck Butter(2018)

Duck Butter revolves around the life of Nima, portrayed by Alia Shawkat, who finds it challenging with the vulnerabilities of the character she plays. Written and directed by Miguel Arteta, Duck Butter looks into the prevalence of dishonesty in dating and relationships. It is one of the lesbian movies on Netflix to watch with your partner. Here, Nima meets with an esoteric girl, Sergio, and they decide to rekindle intimacy by having sex every hour for 24 hours. 

Previously, the writer had thought to bring forward a straight couple in the storyline. But, after discussions, Arteta decided to rewrite the plot and bring in a story focusing on the vulva owners. Looking at the reviews, this lesbian movie on Netflix received mixed reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, Duck Butter got a 55% approval rating. 

To Each, Her Own (2018)

To Each, Her Own is a French movie released on Netflix that attempts to look into issues related to religion, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, etc. Although it has a poor script, To Each, Her Own is a one-time watchable movie with your partner. 

Critics have mentioned that the movie has a poor script that fails to delve deeper into the details touched in the plot. Altogether, it is a lesbian movie on Netflix that is entertaining and light-hearted to watch with your partner. 

Being a comedy-drama, To Each, Her Own looks into the complications faced by Simone, the protagonist. Simone is a Jewish woman residing in Paris and believes that she is a lesbian. But later on, in the movie, she gets attracted to a man, which lays the foundation for confusion.

In a nutshell, often criticized as a superficial take on sexuality, To Each, Her Own is a forward-thinking romantic movie to watch with your partner.

The Half of It (2020)

Awarded the Founder’s Award for the Best Narrative Feature during the 2020 Tribeca Film Festival, The Half of It is a movie worth watching. You can consider it one of the best lesbian movies on Netflix to watch with your partner. 

Written and directed by Alice Wu, The Half of It is a coming-of-age drama and a romantic comedy. Starring Leah Lewis, Daniel Diemer, and Alexis Lemire, The Half of It is a movie that received favorable reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Half of It has got a 97% approval rating.

In this movie, the central character, Ellie Chu, who undergoes financial difficulties, decides to write love letters for Paul Minsky, who is a jock. Ellie Chu writes the letters to Aster Flores, dating a wealthy boy in their school. Later on, Elle Chu and Aster Flores develop a close connection. It happens through the letters and text messages they exchange.

The Prom(2020)

Released on Netflix in 2020, The Prom is a movie that revolves around a true story. It takes inspiration from the life story of Constance McMillen, hailing from Mississippi. The Prom, in simple terms, is an American musical romance directed by Ryan Murphy. The main cast of the movie includes Ariana DeBose and Jo Ellen Mellman. 

Set in Edgewater, Indiana, the movie focuses on a school’s decision to cancel the prom night. The school does so because Emma, the protagonist, decides to bring a girl to the prom. Based on that, Emma undergoes a lot of abuse from her schoolmates.

Besides, the movie has several renowned musical numbers, making it a lesbian movie on Netflix worth watching. Some of the excellent soundtracks include Tonight Belongs to You and Wear Your Clown

The Prom is a movie with mixed reviews and has received a 54% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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Tig (2015)

Unlike the other films mentioned above, Tig is a documentary that revolves around the lives of two women. The central character is Tig Notaro (acted by Tig Notaro herself) and follows her struggles while surviving breast cancer. Here, the story focuses on her relationship with an actress, Stephanie Allyne. The movie proceeds with their endeavors to get pregnant and create a family. 

Created by Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York, Tig is a must-watch lesbian movie on Netflix. It brings forth the importance of taking risks and the need to move ahead in life. Tig follows the characters for a year after Notara saw Allyne in 2012. Besides, the movie got released on Netflix in 2015.

The Feels (2018)

The Feels is a lesbian drama that has a happy ending. It is a feel-good comedy movie that revolves around the upcoming nuptials of a lesbian couple. Directed by Jenee La Marque, The Feels is a lesbian movie on Netflix you can add to your watchlist to watch with your partner.

Starring Constance Wu and Angela Trimbur, The Feels has beautifully crafted dialogues and scenes. It has received a 5.1 out of 10-star rating on IMDB as well.

The storyline revolves around the bachelorette weekend celebrations of Andi and Lu. Both the brides decide to celebrate their special occasion together. During the function, one of the brides gets drunk and says that she never had an orgasm in her life. When she said so, it changed the air of the situation. The movie, in simple terms, focuses on the subject of love, trust, understanding, and respect. 

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian (2021)

Released in January 2021, So My Grandma’s a Lesbian is a Spanish romance movie worth watching. Directed by Angelas Reine, the central roles are played by Veronica Forque, Rosa Maria, and others. 

So My Grandma’s a Lesbian is a movie that focuses on Eva’s story, who plans to marry a wealthy Scottish heir. But, Eve thinks that her fiancee would find her grandmother’s decision to marry her girlfriend disappointing. 

Therefore, she flies down to meet with her grandmother to ask her to call off their wedding. The movie revolves around this narrative. But, it fails to address several issues and, at times, mocks some of the LGBTQ+ concerns. However, it is a one-time watchable lesbian movie on Netflix with an IMDB rating of 4.3 stars on 10.

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