5 Steps In Preparing A Memorable Holiday “Meal”

5 Steps In Preparing A Memorable Holiday “Meal”

Thinking to plan your holidays? Read to know, the right way…

Staying true to the theme of the season, we’re inspired to share 5 holiday-inspired oral sex positions (we kid you not) using an incredible new product that we discovered through a recent Women of Sex Tech conference in New York City — Lorals!

This year, we suggest you give a little and share your appreciation with your mouth and tongue! We love Lorals’ single-use panties for being an incredibly sexy and sensual alternative to dental dams and soon to be certified by the U.S. FDA as a product that protects against STD/STI transmission.

Made out of natural latex, women can be sure their lady bits are protected while someone goes down on their nether regions. This is an ideal product for folks who don’t like to be scratched by facial hair, who may be worried about how they smell, or who don’t want to expose all, but still wants oral sex. We hear ya!

Lorals are also awesome for folks who are interested in rimming (licking around the bum) but who have been held back because they’re worried about how they smell or taste. This single-use panty, is oh so thin — yet durable — that both the giver and receiver can feel everything.

Another concern folks have about rimming is spreading bacteria from the receiver’s bum to their vagina, which can cause some pretty horrible infections for the receiver and possible sickness for the giver. Although, when the receiver dons a cute pair of Lorals, the giver can go to town and not worry about contamination. Can we have “Woo-hoo” for safe sex!?!?

Also, if you love the feel and look of latex, these panties are calling your name!

We recently sat down with Melanie, the creator of Lorals, to discuss how this incredible product was born and how they’re excited to revolutionize the traditional and — let’s admit it — not sexy, dental dam.

Click here and log into your PleazeMe account to hear our CEO Heather Montgomery speak with Melanie in the latest in our Face to Face: Intimate interviews with the Women of Sex Tech who are revolutionizing women’s sexual wellness and pleasure.

Of course, it wouldn’t be the holidays without 5 sexy festive oral sex positions!

Basting The Turkey

Pay special attention to preparing the turkey… you don’t want it to dry out! In this festive position the giver lays on their back and the receiver kneels over their face.

When the giver is ready, the receiver can lower their tender bits onto the giver’s face, and basting of “turkey” can commence!

In this sexy position, the person on top is in control and, because they’re wearing their Lorals, the giver can lap about the bum and clitoris without concerns of spreading bacteria.

Setting The Table

For any meal, you need to set the table. In this well-loved oral sex position, lay your partner (or whoever will be receiving) on a fun holiday-themed tablecloth — tackier the better, of course.

Depending on how adventurous you’re feeling, you can be on the floor “picnic-style” or on the dining room table. It’s really up to you… and if you’re unsure, we suggest trying out both locations!

As the receiver lays on their back — and maybe enjoys a nice slice of pie — the giver sits between their legs and goes to town licking and sucking the receiver’s vulva and bum area.

And because the receiver is wearing a sexy pair of Lorals, the giver can switch between analingus and cunnilingus, without concern!

But don’t forget your manners!

Saying A Prayer Of Gratitude

Your table is set and the food is served, remember to take a moment to say a prayer for the things you feel grateful for.

In this saucy position, the receiver sits in a chair and the giver kneels between their legs on the floor.

Folks who are tickled by kinky sex love this position, because it places the giver in a submissive or bottom position and the receiver as a dominate or top. This also allows the giver to be seated or tucked under the table.

Dig In!

The moment you’ve been waiting for finally arrives — you can dig in! In this extremely fulfilling position the receiver lays on their back, with their knees bent upwards. The giver kneels between the receiver’s knees and dives into one of the best meals of both their lives!

The receiver can clamp their thighs around the giver’s head and give a comforting squeeze. For kinky folks, this can feel a little restrictive. The receiver can also hold on to the giver’s wrists, for added “bondage” joy!

Gobble, gobble, friends!

Washing The Dishes

After an incredible meal, it’s important to clean up! We suggest you jump right into a steamy shower! Many folks looooove the look of water running down the body, take the time to soap each other up, as this will also give you a little time to digest the meal you just enjoyed!

Since the receiver is still wearing their natural latex Lorals, they feel incredibly wet as well!

As the receiver stands in the shower, they can use the shower head to spray sensitive areas in front, while the giver kneels behind them and licks the sensitive area around their bum… just remember to be thoughtful and not spray the giver in the face!

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