11 Must-Try Christmas Dating Ideas

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It’s time for yet another exciting time of the year. YES, it’s Christmas- the season of laughter, love, and celebrations. As you sit back and enjoy this holiday season with your loved ones, why not spice up your dating life a little bit?

Here, we have brought together 11 must-try Christmas dating ideas to spend quality time with your partner. 

So, why not have a glass of wine, dim the lights, and join us in exploring these amazing Christmas date ideas to craft an unforgettable date with your partner?

Go on a Christmas Road Trip

Since it’s the holiday season, going on a road trip can be an excellent getaway for you and your partner. Here, it isn’t about reaching the destination. Besides, it is all about how close both of you can get while traveling. While on the road, why not tune into songs and even sing them out loud?

Other than that, you can make it romantic by kissing your partner. You can also spice things up by including some dirty questions and sharing your sexual fantasies. By the way, a heated car makeout session can offer you the adrenaline rush you have been seeking for a while as well.

Rent a Cabin with Your Date

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Coupled with traveling together, renting out a cabin far away from the noise and city lights can be relaxing. It can be a cozy Christmas date idea that you and your partner can try out. If there is snowfall, you can both engage in snowball fights and make snowpal too. 

While you plan on renting a cabin, don’t forget to take things you need to snuggle with your partner. Here, you and your partner can sit next to the fireplace and enjoy indoor games too. For instance, a Christmas movie drinking game is worth giving a shot with your partner. 

Prepare the Christmas Crib Together

Similar to decorating the Christmas tree together, you and your partner can prepare the Christmas crib together. It can be a fun activity where both of you can share your ideas, designs, and imaginations to make the crib. 

Through this Christmas date idea, both of you can gain a better understanding of each other’s creative dimensions. Here, you can interact and look into your compatibility. It is because you and your partner might have different ideas and would have to select one without being prejudiced.

Binging Netflix Christmas Movies

Well, movie dates are here to stay, and they won’t go out in fashion soon. You can curl up with your partner and make it cozy with a blanket and watch your favorite Christmas movie. It can be one of the fun Christmas dating ideas to try out with your partner.

Through this, you can create an exciting experience during a cold winter day or night. Here, you and your partner can build deep connections while watching the movie and laughing together. Most importantly, Christmas movie dates can give you a personal experience and help curate a special time. 

While watching these movies, it is more than the plot that matters. Here, it is all about the fun and exciting experience you can garner that is crucial. Now, why not look at a couple of movie suggestions for you and your partner this Christmas season on Netflix?

  • The Princess Switch

The Princess Switch is a trilogy premiered in 2018 by Vanessa Hudgens. It is a fairy tale focusing on mistaken identities. You can watch this movie with your partner as a way of conveying togetherness. 

  • Love Hard

Love Hard is a movie with a predictable plot and a happy ending. It brings into light the ways of finding love online. Here, the movie also looks into the complications associated with it. Love Hard focuses on showing the importance of falling in love for all the right reasons.

  • The Holiday

With Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz playing the central roles, The Holiday focuses on love, finding love, and heartbreak. It is about how the main characters decide to exchange homes during the holiday season. The movie brings in the theme of finding love in unexpected situations.

Go Shopping for Christmas Decorations Together

Another excellent way to have a fun Christmas date is go shopping with your partner. It can be a great choice if you and your partner live together and want to celebrate this joyous occasion with each other. Here, you can even have a competition to find cost-effective items. It can be a fun experience for both of you. 

If you find shopping stressful, you can bring about a twist by making it a date. Here, you can opt for a marathon date or even do separate shopping dates. From shopping to lighting up your place in decorations, it can be a great way to spend time with your partner.

Make Crafts Together

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It’s time to celebrate with gifts and presents. You can now have a fun Christmas date with your partner by making gifts together. You can create them for each other and other loved ones in your life. Through this, you both can bring in a personal touch and make each one of the presents memorable. 

Here, the effort you both put in to make them add to the sentiment of gift-giving. While making a gift for your partner, you can also understand your date better and gain clarity on their likes as well as dislikes. As part of enhancing the personal touch, you can pen down a letter that would convey your emotions from your heart directly.

Go on a Fancy Dinner Christmas Date

You can bring in something fancy and exquisite this Christmas by going on a dinner date. It is one of the fun Christmas dating ideas worth trying out. Here, you and your partner can decide the restaurant where you wish to go on a date. It can be a quiet and peaceful place with good music playing in the background. Or you can also try out a location with a cosmopolitan ambiance. 

Regardless of the place you select, it is all about having fun and a joyous time with your partner. 

You can always go a step ahead and bring in scented candles, flowers, or even cook for your partner. Through this, you can create an in-house dating experience that both you and your partner can cherish.

Bring in Role Plays as a Christmas Dating Idea

If you wish to increase the oomph factor in your life, role plays can be a great way to do that. With this Christmas date idea, you can bring fantasies to life. Here, you can break away from the usual dating style and spice things up. 

From an uptight boss to a classic pizza guy, why not try different role-play scenarios? 

You can also bring Christmassy elements to these moments. Now, let’s look at some role play ideas that you can try out as part of a fun Christmas date idea. 

  • Yoga instructor

If you are interested in fitness, you and your partner can try out this role play. Here, one of you can take up the role of an instructor and bring in sensual elements.

  • The classic pizza guy or the Internet expert

Well, this will give you a chance to explore the unexplored. Here, you can try out having sex with a stranger, where your partner acts like one. It is highly beneficial for those who don’t want to try it out on someone they don’t know.

Here, ensure that both of you find this interesting and worth trying as part of a role-playing scenario. While trying out these role plays, it will be beneficial to have a script in your hand.

  • The uptight boss and employee

Here, you can bring in elements of power play with ease. It is a sexual fantasy that most of you may have, and it can help boost your confidence. While engaging in this role play, you and your partner can switch roles too.

Decorate the Christmas Tree Together

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It can range from visiting a tree farm and buying your favorite tree to decorating it. You can have a date night, where both of you engage in decorating the Christmas tree. 

During this time, you can interact, laugh, ask questions, share memories, and come to know each other better. It can be about silliness and building a concrete foundation for your relationship. As you decorate the tree, you can share romantic moments that are worth cherishing. 

Go on Sledding

It’s winter, and if it’s snowing in your part of the country, why not grab the sled and have a memorable time? 

It can be one of the best Christmas dating ideas to try out this season. Here, you can invoke your inner child and gain an opportunity to be your true self. So, why not go sledding with your partner and have a wonderful time? It will be an excellent opportunity for you and your partner to know each other better as well.

Bake the Christmas Cake Together

Yet another fun activity to try out with your partner is baking the Christmas cake together. It is all about the time you can share and not just about how delicious the cake is.

Since it is an old tradition, you can even spark romance by trying a family recipe while preparing the cake. While baking together, you have the opportunity to try out romantic games with your partner as well. 

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